Thursday, February 16, 2017

Everyone's a Star Quilt Along: Week 3

Hi everyone – Stephanie here! I really love star blocks – they are so versatile and fun to make! And the Liberty Garden fabric line … how can you go wrong with shades of blue and green?

Getting Started:
When I first looked at the pattern and the fabrics, I decided to go totally traditional – it appeased my “matchy matchy” sensibilities. I am making all of the blocks using the same 4 fabrics, and all 4 of each block exactly the same. I hope you enjoy my “traditional” interpretation of “Everyone’s A Star”.
Cutting (to make 4 blocks):
(4) 4-1/2” squares of Focal fabric (Liberty Garden blue)
(16) 4-1/2” squares of Small floral (Libby Jade)
(4) 5-1/4” squares of Light Geometric (Liberty Geo Turquoise)
(8) 5” squares of Dark floral (Garden Gates Jade)
(4) 5-1/4” squares of Medium tonal (Libby’s Lace Green)

Ok – you ready? Step one … because we are going to be cutting and sewing on the bias, I like to lightly starch and press my squares (the Light, Medium and Dark listed above). This helps to reduce stretch along the bias side when sewing. Got that done? Great … time to cut and sew!
Take your 5-1/4” squares (light and medium) and cut them twice on the diagonal – giving you 4 quarter square triangles (QST). Take your 5” squares (dark) and cut them once on the diagonal – giving you 2 half square triangles (HST). 

Sew (1) light QST and (1) medium QST together and press. 

Next up – sew (1) dark HST to light/medium QSTs (the way I do this is to gently fold the dark HST in half, find the middle and place a pin there. Open up HST and line up seam from light/medium piece. Pin together and sew). 

Press, then use a ruler to square up block to 4-1/2” (I like to use a 4-1/2” square ruler that has the center marked with a circle and a 45-degree angle line – makes it super easy to line up and trim!)  

Make (4) for each block – so (16) total! Bonus block – if you sew 4 of them together as shown – you get a great 8” finish pinwheel block … but don’t do that with these, you need them for the next step!

Layout your focal square, your small floral squares and your pieced squares as shown, sew into rows, then sew rows together to complete Block 2! Square them up to 12-1/2” and make 4. 

Here's Debby's Star Block #2, made using Moon Flower
Head over to her blog to learn more about it.

 Here's Lisa's Star Block #2, made from Zentastic
Head over to her blog to learn more about it. 

Come back Thursday, February 23rd for the tutorial to create Block #3!


Join us to make this quilt in just 5 weeks! 

Which version will you make? Or will you use another Benartex, Kanvas, or Contempo line to create our Everyone's a Star quilt? Share your progress by e-mailing your pictures to us at – we will post them on Facebook and Instagram throughout the Quilt Along. We are looking forward to quilting with you!
Here's a peek at the week 1 blocks Janice M. made, using Fleurish:

Nice job, Janice!

Email us a photo of your finished Everyone's a Star quilt top made with any Benartex/Kanvas/Contempo fabric collection for a chance to win a box of Fossil Fern fat quarters! (Bonus entry if your quilt is quilted and bound as well!)
Email your photo by Thursday, April 6, 2017 to be entered in the drawing. 

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  1. I just want to say, I'm loving this quilt along. I've never done one before because they always seemed too intensive, but this one is perfect. I wish I were using your fabrics for it, but I'm trying to use some stash fabric. Thank you for putting this on! My mom and I are doing it in different states and we're having a great time comparing our wildly different blocks!

  2. Excellent QAL & I'm Loving the fabrics - many thanx <3