Thursday, December 15, 2016

Joey the Shop Dog - In Fabric!

In our last post, we shared the story of Joey the Shop Dog. Today we're sharing the story of Joey's fabric collection, also named Joey the Shop Dog. 

As Joey grew in popularity at Rose Ann's store, the idea for a fabric line grew. 
Rose Ann says: 
My staff has been pestering me about doing a fabric collection. I always felt that Joey was such a perfect subject to have a fabric line around. Not only is he popular in our little world, but everyone who sees him from out of town thinks that he’s such a cute little dog. 

Joey the Shop Dog fabrics in Rose Ann's shop

How did the fabric line come to be?
I chose photos for inspiration, and many of the blocks in the panel (see below) are based on those photos. For example, Joey on the shopping cart. When we’re moving boxes in the shop, he’ll jump on and we’ll give him a little ride. 

The collection includes a second panel to make a stuffed Joey, which was a fun surprise for Rose Ann. 

This collection does more than just make quilters happy, however. It supports shelter animals as well, with 10% of sales for Joey’s fabrics being donated to The Petfinder Foundation!

Rose Ann's reaction to this charitable news? 
When Benartex suggested that the line could have a charitable tie-in, I almost flipped. It was more than I could ever have dreamed of, that they’d be so invested in this that they’d contribute money to a non-kill shelter. Not only do we get to share Joey with other quilters, we also get to help out other animals. 

Joey with the stuffed Joey and two stuffed dog toys (also part of the panel)

Joey even came to Quilt Market--here he is snuggled up with the Joey section of the booth!

So cute!

Click here to see the entire Joey the Shop Dog fabric collection.
Click here to learn more about Joey. 
Click here to visit Joey's Facebook page. 
Click here to visit Rose Ann's shop webpage. 

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  1. Joey is our best little spokesperson at Quilter's Emporium! He loved being at Quilt Market this fall. I allowed him to wear his Halloween costume of his hero...Underdog. "There's no need to fear...Underdog is here!" I designed a fabric book using both of the Joey panels that incorporates a story that goes with the pictures. Its perfect for that toddler that it is in your life!

  2. Adorable, both Joey
    and Stuffed Joey!
    Great idea with the
    fabric line and the
    shelter tie in.
    Carla from Utah

    1. Thank you Ma'am! Have a Happy Holiday!
      Licks and kisses, Joey the Shop Dog

  3. What a cutie! Great spokesdog for those who cannot speak for themselves.

    1. Hello again! We pups speak amoungst ourselves quite a lot! Sometimes its a good thing that our humans can't understand everything we say! >wink<
      Licks and kisses, Joey

  4. what a cutie....and fabric with him on it....sweet...

  5. shopping
    Thanks for your information, it was really very helpfull..

  6. Directions for the pocket are confusing? Not sure how to attach it and it doesn't look like the pup will fit.