Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Bali Love: Cast Away

As your week likely ramps up with holiday busy-ness, we invite you to stop by our blog for a taste of calm, quiet beauty. This week we'll be showing our newest Bali collections: dreamy, vibrant colors and patterns--much needed bliss in a hectic world. 


Introducing Cast Away.
Cool, soothing greens and blues...it's almost like your own getaway to a tropical island surrounded by shimmering water! This collection has such a great array of values, from the palest of greens to the darkest of blues. Delicious!

Click here to see the entire Bali Cast Away collection.

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Desert Sunset

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  1. Did you say "under the sea"? Beautiful!

  2. Ooooooooh, I'll adopt those too.

  3. Makes me feel quite "beachy"! Very tranquil colors and designs.

  4. You are so right - they are very soothing & calming. I scrolled down the picture & said "A-h-h-h-h", then did it again. Thanks for the beauty

  5. Yes please! take me to a tropical island with warm sand, warm breezes and a cool margarita....aaaah.
    At least I can dream about it today.