Thursday, July 4, 2013

10 Red, White and Blue Favorites

In the U.S., the 4th of July celebrates our independence day. What it also celebrates is the red, white, and blue! Here's a peek at 10 of our favorite red, white and blue things--some fabric, some food, and some just for fun!

1. Flag prints from Kanvas' Hero Dogs collection

2. These firecracker hotdogs might be the cutest ever! Find the pin here.

3. Star Spangled Bandana by Bristol Bay Studio
4. Find the pin for these layered drinks here.

5. A nautical twist in Cabana II from Kanvas

6. Each of these looks more delicious than the last! Find the pin here.

7. Baseball, America's Pastime! Shown here in the vintage prints of Who's on First.

8. Dipped strawberries? Yes, please! We know they showed up in the dessert collage in #6, but these are so pretty they deserve their own spotlight. Find the pin here

9. Adorable cake pops! Find the pin here. Have you ever made these? Rumor has it they are pretty easy. They sure are cute, and tasty, too!

10. A craft project that also helps clean up the yard--perfect! Find the pin here.

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1 comment:

  1. Love the strawberries will have to try that next year! Could you please mention on your blog that we are having a quilt drive for the families of the firefighters of Granite Mountain? We are in need of approximately 26 more and they go to the families from each quilter:
    Thank you!