Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September Blog Hop Day 5: Stair Steppin' Baby Quilt

Welcome back! Today is the last day of our September blog hop (yep...on October 1!). We think you'll love this simple tutorial for a quick baby quilt by Candace from Saltwater Quilts. Candance used Michele D'Amore's Sweetie Pie collection--pretty prints to make a pretty quilt.

Hello, my name is Candace and I regularly blog at SaltwaterQuilts.com.  My grandmother taught me to hand quilt when I was 16 (which was quite some time ago) and I have been obsessed with quilting ever since.

I am excited to share my latest tutorial "Stair Steppin' Baby Quilt" with you using the fabrics from the Sweetie Pie collection from Benartex. The collection is perfectly named because the fabrics are so sweet and lovely. Perfect for a baby quilt. This is a great project for a beginner quilter because there are no seams to line up. It is a quick and easy project and makes a great baby gift.



Quilt Measurements: 30" X 38"

Fabric Requirements:
1 yard of Sweetie Pie Multi
1 yard of a combination of 6 fabrics
1/3 yard of binding fabric

Cutting Measurements:
rectangle - 5.5" by 3"
square - 3" by 3"

binding - 4 strips of 42" by 2.25"

Color A - 15 rectangles and 2 squares
Color B - 13 rectangles and 2 squares
Color C - 13 rectangles and 2 squares
Color D - 13 rectangles and 2 squares
Color E - 1 rectangle and 2 squares

An easy way to cut fabric for colors A, B, C, D is to cut two 3" strips across the length of the fabric (42").  Then stack the two strips.

Trim the selvedge edge, then cut three 5.5" sections.

Unfold the center of the rows, stack them and cut one more 5.5" section, 3" section and there will be a little left over (see arrow above).  This will give you 14 rectangles and 2 squares.  There will be one extra rectangle for colors B, C, and D.  For color A you will need to cut one more rectangle.

Sew the center section together by sewing each row and then sew the rows together as shown in the diagram above.  Once the center section is complete, trim the Sweetie Pie Multi to fit the center.

Trim 1/4" above the line marked by the top arrow in the picture below and 1/4" below the line marked by the bottom arrow.  Trim the width of this strip to match the width of the completed center section.  Cut both selvedge edges of the Sweetie Pie Multi fabric this way and sew to the top and bottom of the center section.  Press the quilt top with an iron, pressing all of the horizontal seams towards the bottom.

tutorial step 4

Use the extra Sweetie Pie Multi and other fabrics for the backing.

Sweetie Pie Quilt Back

Assemble the layers and quilt as your prefer.  Enjoy your lovely baby quilt!

Baby Quilt

Folded Baby Quilt

Thanks Candace! What a sweet quilt! Head over to Candace's blog to find out how you can enter to win a fat quarter bundle of Sweetie Pie.

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  1. Adorable! The Sweetie Pie multi is the perfect touch for an accent border--love it!

  2. this most definitely is a super sweet quilt.

  3. What a lovely quilt and easy to understand tutorial. Thank you.

  4. Just had to say this is a gorgeous quilt that shows of the fabric to perfection! Thanks for sharing!

  5. what an adorable quilt! I love the design and the fabric!

  6. Such an adorable quilt and a great use of "cheater" cloth.