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Friday, April 18, 2014

A touch of summer, Palm Springs-style

What's calm, cool and refreshing like a cool glass of iced tea? 
Wendy's "Tulip Time" quilt, featuring Contempo's Palm Springs collection! 
It's perfect for creating a summertime feeling, especially in this cool colorway. You can find Wendy's pattern in the April/May issue of The Quilter magazine.

"Tulip Time" by Wendy Sheppard
Photo: The Quilter magazine

What attracted you to Palm Springs and what made you choose the cool colorway?
Two reasons: First, I like the cheerful and slightly crazy prints in Palm Springs.  I normally work with more "serious" fabrics, and I think the contemporary and bright and busy prints in Palm Springs challenged me to get out of my usual box. Second, I chose the cool colorway because I liked the aqua tonal fabrics in the collection, and really wanted to do something with it.  And of course, I ended using the aqua fabrics as a subdued contrast to the bright dotted print in the collection.


We love the alternating block centers--why did you decide to do the two different versions?
Again, it's contrast. I felt like a person looking at the quilt should be immediately drawn by the dots, but then, if the block centers were all dotted, the desired effect I wanted wouldn't be achieved. So, I used the aqua tonal fabrics in the alternate blocks for a "receding" effect so that the dots can shine in the other blocks.

Why do you like having the two different background colors?
I guess "contrast" is the buzzword for this design. I like even my background to have contrast, so the light taupe and white are perfect.

Tell us about that fussy-cut stripe border.
That tulip stripe print fabric is one of the most fun stripe prints I have ever used. One could really cut it however one likes. I decided to go for a fussy cut narrower border. And that particular section of the stripe print gave me the perfect width.

What do you like best about this quilt?
Though not difficult to construct, I like that the design has a soothing and cool feel to it. I feel like despite some of the busy prints used in the design, the quilt exudes a calm feel that relaxes my eyes.

How did you machine quilt it?
It was kept simple - orange peels, and straight lines to keep the simple and open feel of the quilt.

Anything else you'd like to add?
I can definitely see this quilt being used as a throw, or a table topper for a late spring or late summer tablescape. At least that's what I plan to do with mine.  For those wondering about using quilts as tablecloths, I use cork-based placemats in addition on my table so that I keep my quilt/tablecloth stain-free.

To read more about Wendy's quilt and how she quilted it, visit her blog
See the entire Palm Springs collection here.
Find the kit for the Tulip Time collection here.
Find The Quilter magazine here.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

To tweet or not to tweet?

Tweeting. You either love it, hate it, or wonder why everyone is talking about the sound a bird makes. Twitter has been around for eight years now, and ranges from super-prolific tweeters (like Justin Bieber and Katy Perry) to the 7-year-old next door. 

Even if you're not into Twitter itself, take a look at Sweet Tweet, our adorable (we think) take on the concept of the tweet. Nope, no cell phones necessary!

It's just birds...

and flowers...

and bird houses!

Here's a quick peek at the entire collection--bright, graphic, and fun, with modern appeal (love those chevrons!). This line will make you smile for sure, and if you are into Twitter, make sure to tweet about it!  

Check out our free quilt pattern: 
Sweet Caroline, designed by Tailormade by Design
Download the pdf of the pattern here.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What does the cat say?

Cat lovers, we know you're out there! Cats and quilts go together like peanut butter and jelly!

 (Seriously...every time you lay out fabric/blocks/pieces of blocks on a flat surface, doesn't that peacefully-sleeping-soundly-in-another-room feline just jump to attention and settle in on the fabric? They've got to have some kind of fabric-attuned radar!) 

We're sure you'll love Greta Lynn's new Kat-Tastic collection for Kanvas. Loads of color, kitties with style and whimsical attitude, and fun, colorful coordinates. This collection is purr-fect! (Sorry, we couldn't help ourselves with the play on words!)

Some of the fabrics are available in flannel as well!

Have you seen our other recent feline-themed collections? Be sure to check out Alley Cats, Kitty Galore, and Knitty Kitty, all from Kanvas. 

And don't miss Debby Kratovil's "Knitty Kitty Does Crochet" tutorial here!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Inspiration Friday!

It's ALWAYS fun to see what creative people use our fabrics for. 
We thought we'd share a few with you here today; be sure to head over to our new Facebook Group, Sew Interesting, for a non-stop stream of inspiration!

First, we love this fabric-covered chair featuring fabrics from the I Want My Space collection. Made by Deb H., the chair itself is from Bosal (#BC101) and the Easy Chair Pattern comes from Aunties Two (#AT280). So cool!

Next up are a few dresses from Folter Clothing. We love the ways this edgy company uses our fabrics in unexpected ways to create hip dresses, and we think you will too! (And, these dresses are for sale!)

The Heart to Heart Dress featuring Knitty Kitty from Kanvas: 
Photo: Folterclothing.com

Photo: Folterclothing.com

The Railways Dress featuring Locomotion:
Photo: Folterclothing.com

The Vintage Dreams Dress featuring Interlude by Michele D'Amore:
Photo: Folterclothing.com

What have you made with our fabrics? Head over to Sew Interesting to share a photo, or email it to sewinlovewithfabric (at) gmail.com. We 'd love to see it, and may just feature it here!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Feels Like Spring!

We all know the saying that April showers bring May flowers, but after what seems like a long winter, no one minds those spring flowers showing up a bit early! 

 Michele Crawford used the spring-like colors and prints in the Gramercy collection to design a quilt that definitely feels like spring:

"Floral Charm" designed by Michele Crawford and machine quilted by Wanda Jeffries;
 featured in The Quilter magazine April/May 2014

We asked Michele to share some of the background behind her quilt design. 

What attracted you to the Gramercy collection? Is there a print you liked best?
I thought this collection looked very bright, happy and "spring-y" for an April/May 2014 issue. I like the large main print the best (especially when it's not cut up--I used it on the back of this quilt!).

Were you going for a trellis look in the quilt design?
No, actually I wanted a modern look to showcase the fabric, and had been seeing a lot of “cross” blocks on Pinterest. It just was a pleasant surprise that the design evokes a trellis effect.

Can you talk about how you auditioned which 5 prints to use in the HSTs?
As a designer whose job is to design the best block and quilt to feature the fabric collection, I try to use the fabrics in the collection that speak to me first while providing a pleasing design with contrast. I try to limit myself to between 4 – 10 fabrics within a project.

Why did you decide to use 3 different fabrics for the sashing inside the blocks?
The blocks would be very busy if there wasn’t any contrast between the fabrics; and by providing contrast, the cross pops! The solid white sashing was used to provide contrast between the blocks, and to not have to match the seams between the blocks so it made the piecing process much easier.

What do you like best about this quilt?
I am working on encompassing the modern quilt movement – a “traditionalist with a modern twist” – is what I’m aiming for as a designer these days. Using a more modern fabric collection in colors different than I normally choose along with a traditional block was a challenge for me which I enjoyed. It was also one of the first quilts I’ve designed where I did not use a main print for the border as the white sashing gives the quilt a “clean” finish. I also wanted a more modern look to the quilting so I asked my machine quilter for an overall circular type design to offset the angular lines of the quilt.

Anything you'd like to share about the quilt?
The yellow flowers on stems fabric that is used in Block A is a directional print. I was very careful to cut the triangles for each block so that the stems were all going the same way. It is worth my time and effort to make sure that all the flowers were pointing up even though it’s very hard to see this when the fabric is cut up. I’m also the quilter that has to cut directly on a line in a plaid, check or print so it must be the OCD in me!

See the entire Gramercy collection here.
Learn more about Michele and find the kit for this quilt here.
Find The Quilter magazine here.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

And the winner is...

Movement in Squares!
Movement in Squares, designed by Wendy Sheppard;
featuring Op Art Reflections from Kanvas

Find the free pattern for Movement in Squares here.
Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote, either here on the blog, or on Facebook, during our March Madness contest!

We've also randomly selected the winners from our March Madness giveaway:

Grand Prize Winner:
Weedy Mama
(she chose the Glass House kit; made using Palazzo)

Runner-Up Prize Winner:
Cynthia D.
(she chose a FQ bundle of Op Art Reflections)

Congratulations to both winners! You'll be receiving emails asking for your mailing addresses shortly.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Who will be the Fan Favorite?

We're down to our final two quilt patterns in the March Madness-inspired Fan Favorite contest! Thanks to everyone who has helped narrow the patterns down from our original 42 to the Sweet Sixteen to these final two.  As a thank you for your participation, this final round of voting will include the opportunity to win fabric prizes! 

Drumroll, please! 
Our final two patterns are:

Movement in Squares

Movement in Squares by Wendy Sheppard, 
featuring Op Art Reflections from Kanvas

Glass House
Glass House by Stitched Together Studios featuring Palazzo

Which one will be the fan favorite quilt pattern?

Here's how to vote AND how to enter the giveaway:
  • To vote: Leave a comment below with the name of your favorite quilt, Movement in Squares or Glass House. One comment per person, please.  You can also vote a second time on our Facebook Group – Sew Interesting
  • To enter the giveaway: Send an email to socialmedia23 (at) gmail.com. In the subject line of the email, name which fabric line you'd rather win if you are randomly chosen, Op Art Reflections (used in Movement in Squares) or Palazzo (used in Glass House). 
  • Both the voting for Favorite Pattern and the giveaway will be open through Monday, April 7th at 5 pm EST. We'll announce the Favorite Pattern and giveaway winners on Tuesday. 
  • Prizes: The grand prize winner will receive the kit to make the quilt of their choice (Movement in Squares or Glass House). Runners-up will receive a fat quarter bundle of the fabric line of their choice (Op Art Reflections or Palazzo). We'll choose one runner-up for every 50 email entries received. Winners will be randomly chosen from received emails and will be notified by email as well as announced here on the blog. 
Good luck to both of these fantastic patterns!