Friday, January 20, 2017

Benartex in the news!

We love seeing our fabric featured in projects in quilting magazines! Here are three for you to check out from current issues:
"With a Twist" by Deb Shafer;
featured in the January/February 2017 issue of Quilting Quickly magazine.
This bright lap quilt uses the Citron Twist collection in a fun and easy pinwheel block. 

Click here to see the Citron Twist collection by Maria Kalinowski.
Click here to find the With a Twist kit. 
Click here to find Quilting Quickly magazine. 


"Green Space" by Melanie Greseth and Joanie Holton;
featured in the November/December 2016 issue of Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting magazine. 
Flying geese set off the large print focal squares in this geometric design using the Circle Play collection. 

Click here to see the Circle Play collection by Ann Lauer.
Click here to find the Green Space kit. 
Click here to find Love of Quilting magazine. 


Refresh a bedroom with this interlocking block bed runner made with the Feathers & Flourishes collection. 

"Ring Around the Toesies" by Kate Colleran; featured in the February/March 2017 issue of McCall's Quick Quilts magazine.

Click here to see the Feathers & Flourishes collection by Amanda Murphy.
Click here to find McCall's Quick Quilts magazine. 

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Anything Goes!

 Ann Lauer says that her newest collection, Anything Goes, is reminiscent of a grown-up coloring book. The black and white prints are so much fun, but then you see the red, lime and blue and realize that the name is true--Anything Goes! We asked Ann to tell us about these playful prints. 

A sampling of Anything Goes prints, fresh off the bolt! 

Tell us about Anything Goes.
I may just love it the best! I love black and white; I think they are classy and timeless. The black and white prints are designed to go from light to dark with smooth transitions in scale and value. And adding color just makes it fun. Where the color is added, it’s watercolor. Instead of stamping the color, they’re blended and shaded, which adds depth.

We’re not surprised the line includes a stripe!
The stripe was planned out to have four repeats across the width, so it can be used for a quilt border with minimal waste, whether you choose the flower section or the stripe, or both. It’s also great fun to fussy-cut, and to use a quarter square ruler on, like in the Squares By Golly free download pattern.

Tell us about some of your other favorites.
I’m crazy about the big print. The flower centers are the same motif of the Playful Discs print. I love the way the shards of color are in the black and white leaves. Those same shards show up in a few different prints. And the background in this big print—there’s a ton of action—squares and circles in two sizes. You can cut the big print anywhere and create something wonderful.

We reused the squares and dots from Poppy Panache because they were so popular, but we added in new colors. I think the multi squares is a terrific blender. It adds just a touch of color—it’s pretty on its own, in blocks, or in borders. It brings so many colors together.

Playful discs is my favorite among the black and white prints.

What makes this line so unique?
The black and white prints flow so smoothly, and you can add in bright color to make it playful. You can add tons to make it wild and crazy, or you can just choose one accent color--either lime, red, or blue--to work with, which I think makes the collection seem bigger, with more options.

Can you share some of the patterns that feature Anything Goes?
It works great in bargello quilts. When you cut up that huge print into slivers, you get just enough color to make it really interesting.
"Freefall;" one of several bargello quilt patterns

"Afternoon Delight"

"Just the Right Angle"

"Steppin' Out - Stripe"

 And of course there's the free quilt pattern I designed that is available on Benartex's website, "Squares, by Golly."

Click here to download the free quilt pattern.

Click here to see the entire Anything Goes collection. 
Click here to visit Ann's website and see her Anything Goes patterns and kits. 
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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The fabric line that was meant to be: Kismet

Paula Nadelstern's mouth-watering new collection, Kismet, is coming to a quilt shop near you! 

Playing on the idea of "kismet," a word she learned from her Broadway-loving father, Paula says "Clearly, this collection was meant to be: my destiny to design the charismatic patterns and your fate to make fabulous quilts with them." That's a fate we'd all happily take! 

Let's start with the Mandala print, featuring Paula's lush kaleidoscope designs. 
Mandala is available in three colorways
Both Dragonettes and Liquid Lace are bilaterally symmetrical patterns
(we're showing a close-up of each so you can appreciate the detail, as well as how it prints across the fabric width)

Dragonettes detail

Dragonettes fabric width

Liquid Lace detail

Liquid Lace fabric width
Kismet features two different coordinating prints, each available in a wide variety of colors.
Flash Dance, which Paula shows ideas for in her new book, Fabricadabra:
Flash Dance
 And Alchemy, which she describes as a leftover chemistry experiment gone wrong. 
 To read more of Paula's thoughts on her Kismet fabrics, click here

Use the Mandala print and several of the coordinates in the Fortune pattern, designed by Stitched Together Studios. It's available as a free pattern on our website. 
Click here to download the free quilt pattern.

Click here to see the entire Kismet collection.
Click here to visit Paula's website to learn more about her work and to shop her Pop Up Shop, open now through January 28th (and selling Kismet, among other things!)
Plus, Paula was recently featured on Pat Sloan's show on American Patchwork & Quilting Radio. Click here to listen to the podcast.

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Elegance + Sophistication: New Traditions

What do you get when you combine sophistication and elegance? Kanvas' New Traditions fabric line! It starts with a simply rich palette: warm cream, metallic gold, and smooth black. Add in gilded butterflies, beautiful florals, stripes, and geometrics, and you have an instant classic! 

We first showcased New Traditions at Fall Quilt Market in Houston, where the Kanvas booth won first place for Double Booth Design.

New Traditions is on its way to a quilt shop near you, so we're sharing close-ups of these gorgeous fabrics! Create a sophisticated new bed quilt, sew a wedding gift, or dress up your dining room table with a sophisticated table runner. 
All 16 prints

Butterfly prints

Look at this detail!


Stripes, geometrics and tonals

One of our favorites! 

Click here to see the entire New Traditions fabric collection.
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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Funny Bunnies

Ready for a fresh breath of spring? 
Meet our Funny Bunnies collection from Kanvas! 

Cute rabbits, decorated eggs, and sweet chick, floral, stripe and dot tonals, 
all in a cheery pastel color palette! 

Use Funny Bunnies in our "Spring Bunnies" free quilt pattern--easy strips to make a quick spring-themed quilt! 
Click here to download the Spring Bunnies pattern.

Click here to see the entire Funny Bunnies collection.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Zoo Baby

Everyone loves a great baby fabric collection! And when it comes in flannel too...well, that's even better! 
Introducing Zoo Baby from Kanvas. This sweet gender neutral baby collection features giraffes, elephants, lions, and more--all your favorite zoo animals! The soft and modern palette of gray, aqua, yellow and green is adorable for both little girls and little boys. Use the panel and add borders for a quick quilt--baby quilts are such wonderful baby gifts!

The panel:

The coordinates:

And a quick and easy baby quilt: Day at the Zoo! 

Click here to download the free quilt pattern.

Click here to see the Zoo Baby collection. 
Click here to see the Zoo Baby collection in flannel.
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Friday, January 6, 2017


While the word "concerto" technically means a musical composition, after seeing this quilt, also named "Concerto," it's easy to see how the definition could be stretched to a quilt as well. After all, it's a composition, and it's created entirely by musically themed fabrics! Stephanie Sheridan of Stitched Together Studios designed this quilt for Quick Quilts magazine using The Music in Me collection from Kanvas. 
"Concerto" designed by Stephanie Sheridan and machine quilted by Linda Leathersich;
featured in McCall's Quick Quilts magazine, February-March 2017

What attracted you to The Music in Me collection? 
Music collections are always so much fun to work with and very popular. This is actually my 2nd magazine quilt with a music collection by Kanvas - the first was "Symphony in B" and it was a real hit - I still get requests from quilters looking for the fabrics to make it.

Do you have a favorite print in the collection? 
I am always attracted to stripes - and I love finding unique ways to use them in a quilt, so my favorite would have to be the Duet Stripe! I fussy cut it for this quilt (it became the vertical sashing) - it looks like a pieced strip, but isn't - total time saver!

Did you fussy cut the focal print for the big squares? 
I actually used 3 different focal prints - and I did do a little fussy cutting to have the pianos balanced across the quilt. There is a lot of fussy cutting in this quilt - just take your time with it!

How did these fabrics lend themselves so beautifully to a quilt design? 
Both the Piano Bar and the Duet Stripe fabrics helped make a more complex looking quilt without additional piecing and created an interesting background grid for the focal fabrics. 

Any tips for making the quilt? 
Pay careful attention to the direction of the fabrics! So many of these fabrics are directional, and they will stick out like a sore thumb if they are upside down or sideways!

Can you talk about your background print choices, and your decision to use one of the background prints as the outer border?
The two different background prints add another layer of subtle dimension to Concerto, and the light border allows the center of the quilt to just float, rather than be anchored down by a heavier dark border.

What inspired this quilt design? 
The fabric line inspired it ... I had kicked around a design like this and when I saw The Music in Me - I knew it was the perfect fabric for the design.

What do you like best about this quilt? 
I really love the light and airy quality of this quilt, in spite of the amount of black in the fabrics - I feel like it reflects a soft and quiet type of classical music.

Tell us about the machine quilting. 
Mom really outdid herself on the quilting with this one! She used more traditional motifs like a feathered oval wreath on the focal squares and a lovely swirl in the border, but then added in some treble clefs and hearts to really accentuate the musical motifs in the fabrics. The magazine even has the quilting motifs drawn out in the pattern section so quilters can get the same look as our quilt.

Click here to see the entire The Music in Me collection.
Click here to learn more about Stitched Together Studios.
Click here to find McCall's Quick Quilts magazine.

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