Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Technique Tuesday: Knitty Kitty Does Crochet

Debby Kratovil is back with another Technique Tuesday post! Today she's using the bright and super-fun prints from Kanvas' Knitty Kitty collection in some easy, almost no-sew projects. After you've checked out Debby's projects below, head over to her blog to enter a giveaway for 6 Knitty Kitty fat quarters.

Knitty Kitty Collection by Kanvas for Benartex Fabrics
Wait? Where's the KITTY? I thought you said Knitty KITTY? OK. Here they are:
A fat quarter of cute kitties dressed in knitted sweaters
Why am I working with kitty fabric and I'm a dog person? Shhh! don't tell my dog Belle, please.

My dog is chewing a bone and it's NOT a kitty bone
I actually didn't choose this collection; Benartex did it for me. I have no problem with cats, just with knitting. I don't know how! But I can crochet and that's why I am using this collection to feature some crochet items.
My husband and I go through this size oatmeal box several times a year
Yes, I save these wonderful cardboard boxes. They come in handy for a few things, such as this:

A little batting, a little main print and then a pocket print
Steps to the Box with Pockets
1. My oatmeal box measures at 10-1/2" high. I cut a piece of batting to fit all around, exactly to the height. Glued it in place.

2. I cut and hemmed the main light print so that it will completely cover the batting covered box. 

3. Next, I cut a piece of green print to a height that will work with my crochet hooks and rulers.

4. I layered the green print along the bottom raw edge of the light print and stitched it in place; added 3 pockets by stitching vertically through both layers. Now I can wrap this around the batting covered box and glue in place. Very simple; probably took less than 15 minutes.

But what about the kitty fabric?

Yes, I have a lot of crochet hooks. Love that Tunisian crochet hook, my favorite type of crochet
Steps to the Hook Holder: 

1. I took a 12" wooden hoop and measured enough of the kitty fabric to go inside the hoop with enough to tuck under in the back. I cut it out.

2.  I cut a piece of the pink hearts fabric TWICE the height of what I wanted my pocket to be. This way I don't have to hem the pocket. It is folded for a double layer. I made sure it was as wide as the main kitty print.

3. I stitched vertical narrow pockets 1" wide for slots for my hooks. You can see the stitching if you look real close.

4. Now I place this inside the underside hoop, carefully centering it. Added the outer hoop, tightened the top screw and she's done - almost.

5. I trimmed the back excess fabric and then used glue to adhere the fabrics to the wooden hoop underneath.
Yes, some yarn, some hooks, some markers.

Oh, I have a lot of crochet magazines. Mostly eye-candy, but some day . . .
I had just a tiny bit of the main kitty fabric left over (I only received a fat quarter) and I thought you might like to see what I'm making:

This kitty has the blues; these are 2" hexies, so this will become another placemat for my grandson
This pink kitty feels right at home surrounded by the knitted hearts fabric
Now for a giveaway! I have a fat quarter bundle for one happy kitty lover (or someone who loves kitty fabric). Just take a trip over to the Benartex Facebook page and like the page and/or sign up to follow the Benartex blog via a blog reader or email (both in the right hand sidebar). Then come over to my blog and tell me you did it.
6 fat quarters for you to win!

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    I follow Benartex on facebook and I subscribe to Sew in Love via email and enjoy it very much. I've had my eye on Knitty Kitty for a while - I love kitties and knitting! Thanks!

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