Thursday, March 7, 2013

We LOVE Googlies!

Those pointy purple teeth and a three wobbly was love at first sight with this sweet little monster (and all his friends!).

Michele D'Amore's whimsical and fun Googlies line is attracting attention in quilt shops everywhere. And really, what's more lovable than a goofy monster with a friendly smile? 

When we saw Wendy Sheppard's "Now I Know My ABC's" quilt in the March/April 2013 issue of Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting, we had to share it!

The quilt and the fabrics themselves can only be described as happy!

Wendy fussy cut the alphabet panel and then framed each square with one of two patchwork designs. "I just played around with the fabric to come up with the different settings for the squares," she said. 

Her tip for fussy-cutting squares? "Know the size square you need and make sure the design is centered before cutting. Sometimes you may have to cut off a little bit of the design, or include something not in the design, but blocks will look best if the design is centered."

Her favorite prints? The patchwork stripe for the border: "It really makes the quilt by pulling all the colors together."

And the overall patchwork print on the back, "which looks like another quilt itself."

Head over to Wendy's blog to see more details from this quilt and read about how she designed it. 

You can find the pattern for this quilt in Love of Quilting.

Do these Googlies prints put a smile on your face? We hope so!
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  1. This is such a cute quilt. Delightful fabric. And, the very talented Wendy Sheppard did an amazing job designing this quilt and making it. Absolutely beautiful. I truly want to make one just like it.


  2. Love! Love! Love this line! Got the quilt kit from missouri star quilt company and i want to order about 50 more to make for everyone young and old! Awesome line, thank you for making such a fun one!

  3. I love Wendy's work, and her stitching is outrageous! She really shocases the fabrics and her quilting enhances it. Great team!