Friday, March 15, 2013

Now Serving...Arnold's Diner

Don't you love the nostalgic feel of a diner? Whether you remember diners at their heyday, from movies and television shows (Happy Days!), those beloved mom-and-pop diners that are still thriving, or even just diners reinvented for the present day through restaurant chains like Johnny Rocket's, the very thought of a mouth-watering burger, fries, and homemade shake is sure to make your lips smile and your stomach growl. Let's set the scene, shall we? We'll go for atmosphere only so we don't ruin anyone's diet...

Checkerboard floors and counter and stool service
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Red vinyl booths!

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 That distinctive exterior look.
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Now that you're in the mood, check out Arnold's Diner, a new Kanvas line by Maria Kalinowski.

What was the inspiration behind this line?
I was inspired by the 1950’s retro Route 66 look that is happening right now.  It's an all-American theme that everyone can relate to. It is a novelty line that has a playful yet very user-friendly whimsical look. I had a lot of fun designing this line. 

Which fabric is your favorite?
I'm not sure I can pick just one. The checkerboard—it's such a bold size and can be used for anything. Everyone remembers the checkerboard floors in diners. They're great for trimming curtains. I used a similar pattern to cover the tables for my son's second birthday party and it really made a statement.

The diners and coffee cups are also a favorite. The coffee cups are so crisp and clean with the retro colors really making them sparkle.

I especially love the menuit has everything that represents childhood, when you were with your parents on those long road trips and stopped at the diner.   The typical American diet: cola, fries, hamburgers and ice cream sundaes.!!!!!!!

What was the most challenging part of designing this line?
To make it unique from any other lines featuring this theme.  I was aiming for a bold and graphic style. Diners of that time period were sooo shiny and clean and graphic.

What do you envision this line being used for?
I can see aprons, mitts, placemats, quilts, pillows…how about curtains in a breakfast nook or a lunch bag?  Anything really for table top or home d├ęcor.

These cafe curtains brighten up the kitchen at the Benartex/Kanvas office!

Thanks Maria!

So...we've gotta ask! After seeing this line, where are you headed first--to your local quilt shop, or to get a hamburger, fries, and a shake?! 

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  1. Cheeseburger and chocolate shake! This line is really cute. LOVE the Jukebox labels.

  2. I love this collection. Thinking curtains, tablecloth and napkins. Placemats? Mug Rugs. I'll think about it over a hamburger and shake. Or pie and coffee. Hmmmmm.