Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The Moose is back!

Cheryl Haynes' new collection, Moose Lake, is her third moose-themed fabric line. Fans of this lovable guy will be thrilled that the moose saga is continuing...this time, he's going fishing! 

We asked Cheryl to talk to us about Moose Lake. 

So, the moose is back?
Yes! This is my third moose collection. The original collection, Moose on the Loose, was inspired by a moose quilt pattern I’d created after a trip to New Hampshire. He returned in the second collection, A Moose for Christmas, which was based on a cross stitch moose design. Now the adventures of the moose are continuing, as the moose goes fishing.

Is your family into fishing?
My husband’s family has an annual reunion on a trout fishing river. I have fished over the years, so I know a bit about it. We have a garage full of fishing gear.

Tell us about the panel.
My favorite section is probably the large moose head. He is all tangled in the fishing pole—what would you expect a moose to do with a fishing pole?! It reminds me of the Farmers Insurance “Swing Set Standoff” commercial where a moose gets twisted up in a swing set.

Can we see some of the coordinates? 
The panel always comes first, and then the coordinates are pulled from it. There are moose heads with the tangled fishing pole, a fishing print, and one of my favorites, the pine and stars print. It's great for sashing.

Do you have a favorite print?

I particularly like the tonal prints, especially the Moose Crossing print. I like to use fabric shading in my quilt palettes, so I like prints that have enough texture to have interest, but without being distracting.

 A few additional coordinates:

What do you like about this collection?
It’s a fun line—it works for kids; it works for men. It features the darker colors, which tend to be what I go for. You can do so much with the panel.

Click here to see the entire Moose Lake collection.
Click here to visit Cheryl's website.

We'll be sharing Moose Lake quilt patterns later this week!

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