Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Jackie Robinson's Autumn Leaves

Start an autumn-themed project now, and it'll be done by the time September rolls around! Jackie Robinson's new collection, Autumn Leaves, is rich with color and texture, and features gorgeously shaded fall leaves, enhanced with metallic gold. In addition to all over leave prints, you'll find plenty of tonals, a large bouquet print, and of course Jackie's signature Split Stripe! Keep reading to learn more about the collection and patterns featuring Autumn Leaves. 

What inspired you to create the Autumn Leaves collection?
I’d done one previously and it was very popular. I love the dark autumn colors, which we don’t get here in Montana. I missed them immensely—we have brighter fall colors—mostly yellow, with very little red.

How did you choose the kinds of leaves to feature?
I went looking for different shaped leaves so there would be some variety. We added the colored brilliance to the leave shapes.

Do you have a favorite?
My favorite is the large bouquet on black. It’s pretty—I love the bouquet—and it cuts up into larger squares with the leaves centered.

Tell us about some of the other prints.
There’s the Split Stripe. It can be used in so many ways!

The Garden Vine is another favorite. I like the way it flows all over.

Tell us about your Autumn Leaves patterns.
Tesselating Leaves is trusted friend that works beautifully with this collection. It needs to be made with tonals so the leaves stand out. When you lay it out, it’s like working on a puzzle.

Click here to purchase the Tessellating Leaves pattern.

Turkey Gobbler is my favorite of all the 3-D wall hangings I’ve created.
Click here to purchase the Turkey Gobbler pattern.

Shoot the Breeze is a more involved pinwheel quilt. It’s a simple repeating block with a light, airy feel to it. It uses a fussy-cut section of the split stripe.
Click here to purchase the Shoot the Breeze pattern.

Bargello Frames features a larger square of cut out leaves, surrounded by tonals. It’s a simple alternating block pattern—a focal square and a pieced block.
Click here to purchase the Bargello Frames pattern.

Starry Eyed Geese is a quick and easy table runner. I like how it’s not symmetrical—it really adds interest to the design. This is available as a free quilt pattern on Benartex's website.
Click here to download the free quilt pattern.

Click here to see the entire Autumn Leaves collection.

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  1. I really like the Tessellating Leaves and Turkey Gobbler patterns. All the fabrics took my breath away, my favorite seasons are Spring and Fall, with Fall being my absolute favorite so I can see this line and patterns will be on my shopping list soon.

  2. Thanks for highlighting this collection - just what I'm in the mood for and something to look for during Row by Row! Love the runner pattern, but the pinwheels one fascinates me, too.

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