Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Totem Tribute

When you think of totem poles, chances are you're not also thinking of fabric. But lucky for us, Maria Kalinowski brought these two ideas together in her new collection, Totem, a rich tribute to the Pacific Northwest. And even luckier for us, it comes in both quilting cotton and flannel! 
What would you do with these fabrics?

Here's what we'd do:
First,  flannel lounging pants out of this print:

Second, a cozy scarf out of this print:

Third, a rag quilt like this one, made out of the entire flannel collection;

and fourth, a lap quilt using this free downloadable pattern, available on our website (in flannel or cotton!):

"Day of the Bear" by Stitched Together Studios
Click here to download the free quilt pattern.

Click here to see the entire Totem collection.
Click here to see the entire Totem collection in flannel!

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  1. I can't believe my eyes! I was just looking at these fabrics on someone's website this morning. I love them. I'm a bear, really.....I'm a bear.

  2. Love this collection, and that it comes in flannel too!