Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Hint of Spring

Butterfly Effect.
A new Contempo Studio collection by Michele D'Amore

Butterfly Effect  (but-ter-fly ef-fect ).
      (1) Adverb. To feel free. To take flight. To imagine. To create something new.
      (2) Noun. A new collection of incredibly beautiful prints from Michele D’Amore and Contempo.
Modern prints. Manhattan Style.

Elegant butterflies, created by painterly brushstrokes.
 Round, hand-sketched blooms with watercolor layers.
Cool textured coordinates.

This line is rich with contrast--shades of blue versus bright colors, soft brushstrokes versus geometric shapes; large versus medium butterfly and bloom prints--all rendered with Michele's artistic touch.

Brushstroke details on each butterfly's wing:

And on the blooms:

A unique stripe that combines the various motifs in the line:

More brushstrokes in a fractured stripe-look:

Which colorway appeals to you?

Click here to see the entire Butterfly Effect collection in both colorways.
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  1. I like the blue and whites but REALLY like the pastels. I'm confused with the mixed stripe in the pastel collection. I usually really like stripes for things like bindings.

  2. Well, both. I can't wait for the butterflies.

  3. The pastels are lovely but the butterflies are just fantastic!

  4. I like them both as well, but those butterflies are beautiful!

  5. The blues are very pretty but the multi-colored is more me.

  6. The colors are very pretty, but I think I prefer the blues. Very calming!

  7. The blue ones are very soothing but I like a punch of color more.