Thursday, February 5, 2015

Fun on the Farm

If you don't have a child's quilt on your to-do list, we can pretty much guarantee you're going to go looking for a reason to make one after seeing Greta Lynn's Green Farms collection for Kanvas. These animal prints are, quite simply, FUN! Whimsical and bright, with a hand-drawn look, they will make an adorable quilt.

Just look at some of these prints up close:

These prints would be cute in any quilt, but here's one to get you started: Wendy Sheppard's "Farmville," which is available as a free download on our website.
Click here to download the free pattern.
Click here to see the entire Green Farms collection.
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  1. OMG!! These prints are so darn cute!! I can decide which one I love most... the pigs, the sheep... tough choice!!

  2. Rosemary B here
    Aaaaak, those are too cute. Oh my pigs and cows
    Yikes I want.
    Thanks loads for sharing this goodness

  3. I want the pigs wallowing in mud! But, I can't find it being sold anywhere. :-(

  4. These sheep brought the 'knitty sheep' to a new level. Now they can play with the other animals

  5. Oh my goodness I need this fabric!! Where can I find it??? Really, where is it available for purchase?