Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What does the cat say?

Cat lovers, we know you're out there! Cats and quilts go together like peanut butter and jelly!

 (Seriously...every time you lay out fabric/blocks/pieces of blocks on a flat surface, doesn't that peacefully-sleeping-soundly-in-another-room feline just jump to attention and settle in on the fabric? They've got to have some kind of fabric-attuned radar!) 

We're sure you'll love Greta Lynn's new Kat-Tastic collection for Kanvas. Loads of color, kitties with style and whimsical attitude, and fun, colorful coordinates. This collection is purr-fect! (Sorry, we couldn't help ourselves with the play on words!)

Some of the fabrics are available in flannel as well!

Have you seen our other recent feline-themed collections? Be sure to check out Alley Cats, Kitty Galore, and Knitty Kitty, all from Kanvas. 

And don't miss Debby Kratovil's "Knitty Kitty Does Crochet" tutorial here!

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  1. OMG! This is a gorgeous fabric collection! I LOVE it :-)

  2. Love this! The Kitty Galore is pretty too.

  3. Those cats are hilarious. I must have them.

  4. Must, must, must get my paws on some of this stuff. Bushy insists. (That's him on the left.)