Friday, April 18, 2014

A touch of summer, Palm Springs-style

What's calm, cool and refreshing like a cool glass of iced tea? 
Wendy's "Tulip Time" quilt, featuring Contempo's Palm Springs collection! 
It's perfect for creating a summertime feeling, especially in this cool colorway. You can find Wendy's pattern in the April/May issue of The Quilter magazine.

"Tulip Time" by Wendy Sheppard
Photo: The Quilter magazine

What attracted you to Palm Springs and what made you choose the cool colorway?
Two reasons: First, I like the cheerful and slightly crazy prints in Palm Springs.  I normally work with more "serious" fabrics, and I think the contemporary and bright and busy prints in Palm Springs challenged me to get out of my usual box. Second, I chose the cool colorway because I liked the aqua tonal fabrics in the collection, and really wanted to do something with it.  And of course, I ended using the aqua fabrics as a subdued contrast to the bright dotted print in the collection.


We love the alternating block centers--why did you decide to do the two different versions?
Again, it's contrast. I felt like a person looking at the quilt should be immediately drawn by the dots, but then, if the block centers were all dotted, the desired effect I wanted wouldn't be achieved. So, I used the aqua tonal fabrics in the alternate blocks for a "receding" effect so that the dots can shine in the other blocks.

Why do you like having the two different background colors?
I guess "contrast" is the buzzword for this design. I like even my background to have contrast, so the light taupe and white are perfect.

Tell us about that fussy-cut stripe border.
That tulip stripe print fabric is one of the most fun stripe prints I have ever used. One could really cut it however one likes. I decided to go for a fussy cut narrower border. And that particular section of the stripe print gave me the perfect width.

What do you like best about this quilt?
Though not difficult to construct, I like that the design has a soothing and cool feel to it. I feel like despite some of the busy prints used in the design, the quilt exudes a calm feel that relaxes my eyes.

How did you machine quilt it?
It was kept simple - orange peels, and straight lines to keep the simple and open feel of the quilt.

Anything else you'd like to add?
I can definitely see this quilt being used as a throw, or a table topper for a late spring or late summer tablescape. At least that's what I plan to do with mine.  For those wondering about using quilts as tablecloths, I use cork-based placemats in addition on my table so that I keep my quilt/tablecloth stain-free.

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