Monday, February 12, 2018

Sewing Olympics: Day 4

Welcome back for Day 4 of the Sewing Olympics!
While you're watching the skiing, ice skating, and more, we hope you'll also join in our Sewing Olympics here at Sew in Love with Fabric. These are events that you can participate in, with a chance to win fabric prizes! 
Click here to read all the details.

For our Sewing Olympics, we'll be making 33" square quilt using three different blocks. We'll be sharing the tutorials and showing the finished quilt using two different colorations of Amanda Murphy's Winter Games fabrics. We invite you to play along, either using Winter Games or any Benartex/Kanvas/Contempo fabrics of your choice. Click here to see fabric requirements.

Today's tutorial features quilt version #1

Sewing Event #4: 
Square in a Square (in a Square) Block … aka Economy Block
You will need:
(1) 5” square of Silver Rings for block center
(2) 4” squares of Red Snowflakes, cut in half diagonally for (4) inside triangles
(2) 5-1/2” squares of Silver Rings, cut in half diagonally for (4) outside triangles

1. Fold the 5” center square in half and mark the center with a pin. Fold (2) inside triangles in half and mark the center with a pin. Match centers and pin the triangles to opposite sides of the center square. Sew, then press. Tip – we like to sew with the triangle on the bottom.

2. Repeat on the remaining sides with remaining (2) inside triangles. Trim off dog ear points.

3. Fold (2) outside triangles in half and mark center with a pin. Match center with the point of the center square and pin triangles to opposite sides. Sew, then press.

Tip – When sewing, be sure that your stitching line is just inside the intersection of the inside triangles. This will give you a perfect point.

4. Repeat on remaining sides with (2) remaining outside triangles. Square your block to 9-1/2”, being sure to leave ¼” beyond the inside (red) triangle points on each side.

 Here's the economy block for quilt version #2:

How to enter: 
To enter today's sewing event, make an economy block using Benartex, Kanvas or Contempo fabrics.

Send a photo of your block to socialmedia23 (at) with the subject line "Sewing Olympics Day 4". Your sample should use Benartex, Kanvas or Contempo fabrics. Include your full name and mailing address. Contest open through Wednesday, February 14th at 11:59 pm EST.

Sewing Olympics Rules:
  • For a chance to win a fabric prize, send a photo of your completed unit from the day's event. In each event, we'll post the subject line (Sewing Olympics Day 1, for example), as well as the deadline for entries. 
  • Include your full name and mailing address with your entry; if you win, we'll have your mailing information already. 
  • All photo entries must be made using Benartex, Kanvas or Contempo fabric.
  • We'll randomly draw a winner from each day's entries. Winners from days 1-4 will receive a pack of 5" squares of Benartex fabric. Randomly drawn gold, silver and bronze winners from Day 5 (quilt top assembly) will receive fat quarter bundles. 

Click here to see Amanda's Winter Games fabric collection.
Click here to see the two versions we'll be making during the Sewing Olympics and to find fabric requirements.

Participate in all five days of the Sewing Olympics!
Day 1: Warm-up -- perfect your 1/4" seam

Day 2: The four-patch block
Day 3: The pinwheel block
Day 4: The economy block
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