Monday, February 19, 2018

Meow! Cat-I-Tude is Here!

You don't have to be a cat lover to fall in love with Ann Lauer's Cat-I-Tude fabrics! 
(Although we're sure anyone with a feline friend is already smitten!)

Cat-I-Tude debuted at Fall Quilt Market, and the fabric is now available in shops. 

Ann's cats aren't cute fuzzy little furballs--they're sophisticated porcelain-looking cats with elegance and style, created in a vibrant palette of jewel-toned purples, aquas pinks and greens that pop against both black and white backgrounds! 

If cats aren't for you, the line also includes a paisley, heart prints, and a variety of machine quilting inspired blenders. Wonderfully rich colors with gorgeous shaded depth in the designs! 

We asked Ann to tell us about the Cat-I-Tude collection: 

Why did you choose cats as a theme for a fabric collection?
They’re such a beautiful and recognizable shape. I’ve never had a cat, but I do like their shape and movement. They’re so artistic and fluid.

You “decorated” these cats—no fur!
Yes! I think of these cats as being hand-painted porcelain. I didn’t want them to look cutesy or cartoony. The swirls and paisleys you see on them (and in other prints in the collection) are similar to long arm quilting designs.

Tell us about the panel.
I’m really excited about how this panel turned out. Each of the cats is a nice size, and they’re surrounded by a 1” feather border. If you cut ¼” outside of that, you have a 10” square block. With no frame, the cat will fit in an 8” square block. It’s designed to be used in a variety of sizes. The paisley print is on the top and bottom of the border. If you add strips of the paisley print to the sides, you’ll have an instant quilt. The panel comes on both black and white backgrounds.

What do you think really sets this fabric line apart?
The shading creates a luminescent look, laced with just the right touch of metallic gold. Everything—the hearts, the cats, the beads—is shaded to create depth. I also love how the jewel tones look with the gold on the cats—it just enhances that porcelain feeling.

Can you share some of your favorite prints?
The cat print features the same cats from the panel, made smaller. They have all the detail of the larger cats. Several of my patterns have them cut out and used as applique.

The hearts are a machine quilting motif. They come with and without cats. I love the cats climbing over the hearts!

The tonals: Feather Frolic is in beautiful teal, red, and purple—the darkest coordinate values—and again, a machine quilting motif. The medium value is the Triangular Motion print, and the lights are the Beaded Swirl print, which also comes in a multi-color version.

The all-over Paisley Style matches the panel. It has plenty of swoops and swirls, and a lot of shaded depth.  

psst! There's a coordinate Cat-I-Tude embroidery collection, too! Click here to see it.

Click here to see Ann's entire Cat-I-Tude collection. 
Click here for a look at the patterns Ann has designed using Cat-I-Tude. 
(We'll be taking you on a virtual trunk show later this week!)

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  1. These fabrics, each and every one, are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing them with us!

  2. Very pretty fabrics! Love the cats.

  3. Love the entire line....the cats are wonderful!

  4. Love the designs! Even the cats!

  5. These designs are gorgeous. I may need to break my vow to not buy more fabric.

  6. I have cats and your fabric is beautiful and it doesn't have claws, must look for some

  7. YES, YES, Yes.......... love these. As Susan mentioned above, "no claws", also "no cat hair!"