Wednesday, December 13, 2017

An Up Close and Personal Visit with the Monsters!

Today we'd like to introduce you to each of Matthew's monsters. These fun-loving creatures are featured on both the block panel and in the soft book panel; we're showing you close-ups of the soft book panel because you'll see these guys in their natural environment and get to know them! 

Block panel:

 Soft book panel:

Book front and back cover:

 The book begins:
Text: Funny things happen inside of machines and this is what many say it really means.

Meet Thorny:
Text: When Thorny gets stuck, all the gears grind to a stop. 

Meet Drippy:
Text: It's just Drippy drooling when pipes go drip, drop.

Meet Fluffy:
Text: All of that lint is just Fluffy's loose hair...

Meet Eggbert:
Text: While Eggbert opens the pipe to get some fresh air.

 Meet Blinky:
Text: When Blinky walks by, a light suddenly blips...

Meet Munchy:
Text: While Munch nibbles on lost nuts and chips.

 Meet Sparky:
Text: Error codes happen as Sparkly flies by.

Meet Squeeky:
Text: Those funny noises just mean Squeeky says hi. 

Text: So all of the odd noises, the errors and dripping...the grinding, the blinking and the pieces that are missing simply means the friendly monsters are inside the machine.
Which is your favorite monster? 
How many of these creatures live in your house?

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