Thursday, September 14, 2017

Cheryl Haynes: Sunshine Garden

Today we're back with Cheryl Haynes introducing her second new collection, Garden Days. Full of sunflowers, birds, and rain boots, these fabrics will bring a smile to your face! 

The prints:

The panel:

We asked Cheryl to tell us more about Sunshine Garden.

What inspired the Sunshine Garden collection?
I was sitting in my sweet little garden, thinking about my sunflowers and my little yellow boots, and I started drawing some designs. We have a lot of goldfinches around here; they really like my flowers and birdbaths. They’re so pretty, and I wanted to do something with goldfinch and sunflowers.

Let’s talk about the panel. How did the rain boot get into the design?  
I wanted some type of vase for the sunflower. I thought a boot would be cute, and the rest was history. I think all the artwork turned out so well—the shading is fantastic. You’ll notice the black and white check border in the panel. It’s repeated in the background of the sunflower print. I also really like the little lacy edge in some of the panel sections.

What’s your favorite part of the panel?
Definitely the boot with the sunflower. I like the goldfinch in there as well.

Tell us about the coordinates.
There are birdhouses again. They fit in so well with this collection! And of course the boot border print, and the sunflower print. All three are good size for a border print.  

The garden tile makes a great blender tonal fabric. It has a nice circle design to it.It's also the background for the boot and sunflower print.

What makes your prints different?

I try not to repeat the same exact thing—if I need three sunflowers, I’ll draw three different ones rather than mirroring an existing one. Nothing has to be symmetrical, nothing has to be perfect. I aim to be more creative.

Click here to see the entire Sunshine Garden collection.
Click here for a sneak peek at Cheryl's quilts featuring Sunshine Garden. We'll be sharing them tomorrow.
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  1. Very pretty fabrics! Love the bird houses and rain boots!! Really cool!!

  2. The Sunshine Garden Fabric Collection is magnificent! I can see these fabrics creating a huge variety of wonderful bright and cheerful quilts! Thank you for sharing!

  3. This fabric line is so beautiful.Reminds me sunny and warm days.

  4. Sooo pretty! I love these and I really love the panel.