Tuesday, September 5, 2017

A Wildflower Meadow

Jackie Robinson's newest collection, A Wildflower Meadow, is a profusion of blooms and color. We gave you a sneak peek of it in our Spring Quilt Market post, and today we're back to show you everything. The fabrics are inspired by a few of her favorite flowers, including some found in her backyard and on hikes in the mountains. 

A closer look at a few of the prints: 

A box full of Wildflower Meadow goodness! 

The star of the collection is the floral stripe, perfect for fussy cutting, borders, and so much more! 

We asked Jackie to tell us the story behind her new collection, A Wildflower Meadow.

What started this collection?
The lupine. They are wildflowers that I see all the time. We have a lot of lupine here in the yard. It grows wild. We had an exceptionally wet and cold winter this year, and the result was fabulous wildflowers this summer. So everything I had done in the fabric, I got to see really big time in person. Our favorite hiking trail went through a field of bluey-purple. It was just fabulous!

Then there’s the Indian paintbrush. It’s paintbrush shaped at the top, and such a gorgeous salmon color.

Another favorite is the bear grass. It’s a grass, but it looks like a white puffball. It has its best season every three years or so, and this was one of those years. Bear grass shows up in the floral border stripe, and the tonal flower print is essentially a flattened bear grass motif.

The little white daisies in the overall flower print are oxeye. Do not cut and take them into your house—they smell like dirty socks! We learned that the hard way. We enjoy them outside. They are considered an obnoxious weed, but I like them.

Tell us about some of the coordinates.
I like the leaves—they make such a nice texture.

The black print is a double line scroll. It’s in the stripe, and I like having it available as a separate fabric to put up against the stripe. I was looking for a print that was a different background from the wave.

And the wave. It’s fabulous! It cuts up like dynamite—wiggles every which way. It’s the grandest background texture, and it’s non directional. It’s just such an unobtrusive solid, and I love it.

What is your favorite print?

My favorite is the allover wildflowers. But the wave is my absolute favorite texture.

We'll be featuring more ideas and inspiration for Jackie's fabric line this week, so be sure to come back! 

Click here to see the entire A Wildflower Meadow collection.
Click here to visit Jackie's website.
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