Monday, March 30, 2015

Final Four! Game 1 Voting

Welcome to our Final Four! The voting for the two Final Four games will be open for two days each. Choose your favorite and leave a comment below letting us know your vote.

"Star Struck" by Wendy Sheppard; featuring Caryl's Feathers


"Funky Zen" by Heidi Pridemore; featuring Daily Zen

Leave a comment below with your vote for this game (choose Star Struck or Funky Zen). One comment per person, please. You can also vote a second time on our Facebook Group – Sew Interesting
Voting for this game is open through Wednesday, April 1 at 10 am EST.

To see the original bracket of sixteen and/or read the details of March Madness, click here.

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  2. Star Struck for me

  3. Star Struck

  4. Star Struck

  5. I still like Star Struck best! Funky is nice, but Star Struck get my vote.

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  7. These 2 quilts have been my favorites during the March Madness voting. I'm going to cast my final vote for Funky Zen because it's simpler to make and a more useful size than Star Struck!

  8. Funky Zen. It was a hard decision because I like both!!!