Sunday, March 15, 2015

Fan Favorite Quilts: Sweet 16!

It's Selection Sunday for the NCAA basketball tournament, so it seems appropriate to announce our selections as well. Thanks to your votes last week, our 50 nominated patterns have been narrowed down to the top sixteen--our Sweet Sixteen. As the basketball March Madness tournament plays out across the U.S. over the next 2+ weeks, so will our Fan Favorite Pattern tournament here on the blog and on Facebook. 

How does the bracket work, you ask? Each day we'll post competing patterns from the bracket and you choose your favorite. Whichever pattern receives the most votes will move on to the next round--through the Elite Eight, into the Final Four and then down to the final two patterns. From those final two, your votes will choose the Fan Favorite pattern! 

Here are the Sweet Sixteen quilts, including links to download your favorites. 
Voting begins Monday at 10 am EST. 

"Star Struck" by Wendy Sheppard; featuring Caryl's Feathers

"Hand Woven" by Heidi Pridemore; featuring Hand Made

"Orchid Harmony" by Stitched Together Studios; featuring Orchid Shadows

"Sew Lovely" by Wendy Sheppard; featuring Made with Love

"Funky Zen" by Heidi Pridemore; featuring Daily Zen

"Zoey's Flower Bed" by Wendy Sheppard; featuring Zoey

"Be Dazzled" by Heidi Pridemore; featuring Be Jeweled

"Round Up" by Stitched Together Studios; featuring Big Sky

"Flutter B's" by Wendy Sheppard; featuring Butterfly Effect

"Cherry Picking Time" by Heidi Pridemore; featuring Cherries Jubilee

"Pretty Little Houses" by Wendy Sheppard; featuring Tango

"Star Dance" by Ann Lauer; featuring Sundance

"Carry On" by Wendy Sheppard; featuring Round Trip

"Amber Dreams" by Stitched Together Studios; featuring Origins

"4, 3, 2, 1" by Audrey Page; featuring Island Jewels Bali

"A Red Letter Day" by Wendy Sheppard; featuring Seeing Red

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  1. Roundup is my choice.

  2. "Be Dazzled" is the one I would make.

  3. I'd make Be Dazzled but the download button doesn't work. Just takes you to a picture. I'll be making Hand Woven

  4. I had sooo hoped that the 'winter' Mr. B club pack would be Be Jeweled. I can't seem to find the entire collection anywhere! It's stunning

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. 4 3 2 1 still great

  7. Round Up is my favorite. So hard to pick just one.

  8. I'm voting for Star Struck this round.