Sunday, January 18, 2015

That's Hollywood!

That's Hollywood from Kanvas...the name says it all.
Cameras, popcorn, gold stars, palm trees in Beverly Hills, film reels

Classic Hollywood charm meets modern day quilt fabric.

These fun prints will transform the appropriately themed project from "that's nice" to "fantastic!"

Hollywood scenic collage prints--perfect for quilt backs and floor pillows for the movie room

 This old-school camera print comes in three colors. We're thinking it's perfect for a camera bag...

Stitch a twirling skirt that screams gold and silver-plated success. Then get ready to add your handprints in cement on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

How much fun is this popcorn!?! Use it for movie night accessories--maybe napkins, a picnic quilt for the floor (you don't want popcorn getting in the couch cracks), or a new bean bag cover!

Sew an eyeglass case that's easy to find with these spectacle motifs! Or maybe a tablet case?

And finally, the pin-up girls! 
Something feminine and fun--maybe a cosmetic bag? Lounging pants?

Let your imagination run wild with the That's Hollywood collection! And see the photos of our Kanvas Quilt Market booth, decked out in these signature prints.

Click here to see the entire collection on our website.

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