Friday, January 9, 2015

Skip the diet with this candy!

Guilt-free candy that even the dentist will love! Satisfy your sweet tooth with the sugary fun from Maria Kalinowski's Candy Store collection from Kanvas. 

Use these prints for pillowcases, a jar quilt, or focal print squares in any quilt pattern. They'd also make adorable goodie bags for a child's birthday party. Here's a larger look at a few of the designs:

All kinds of sugary goodness combined in one fabric.

Remember candy dots from your childhood? Eating candy off of paper!

Jawbreakers that won't break your jaw.

 Ribbon candy makes a unique stripe.

Gumdrops are great!

Click here to see larger swatches of all the prints in Maria's Candy Store collection.
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  1. How fun! And yes it brings back childhood memories!

  2. Oh, this would be so great in a Jar Block quilt!!

  3. Looks delish. My daughter loved jaw breakers. She'd have loved a quilt with candy on it. A sweet thought. Thank you.

  4. Oh my goodness these are too sweet:) Thanks for the trip down childhood memory lane. I was a Candy Dot girl!