Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Give it a Whirl!

This collection is sure to make you smile! Greta Lynn's What a Whirl line for Kanvas uses a fun palette--royal blue, teal, lime green, and black and white--and a whimsical doodle-type style loaded with butterflies. Keep reading to find out how Greta Lynn designed this collection and what she came up with for What a Whirl 2!

How and why did you choose the color palette?
I wanted to focus on developing a fresh spring color story with a modern twist. I love mixing royal blue with the turquoise and lime. By adding the black and white, it makes the color way more contemporary.

What inspired the collection?
The collection was inspired by butterflies- I wanted to create a butterfly that had a geometric feel and build a collection around it.

Tell us about the style of the line.
The style of the line work helped make this group more whimsical. Once the butterflies were developed with the loose, free-flowing line work, it translated really well into the flowers and dots.

What's your favorite print in What a Whirl?
My favorite print is the Butterfly allover. It was the first print that I developed for this collection. I think it is very versatile because of the tossed layout.

Can you tell us about the stripe?
The stripe can be cut apart to make borders for quilts and pillows. It can be used for tote bags, too.

What prompted What a Whirl 2, the black, white and yellow color story?
For What a Whirl 2, I chose some of the prints from What a Whirl and thought they would work well with the What's the Buzz collection. Combining some of the prints from each collection it really made a fresh new group, especially with the accents of yellow.

Where did the What a Whirl name come from?
Coming up with the name for this group was a little challenging.  After reviewing all of the prints, I thought about the butterflies whirling around in the main pattern and the name" What a Whirl" just seemed to fit the group.

Ready to make a quilt using these fun prints? 
Find the free pattern for Whirly Gig by Stitched Together Studios here.

See larger swatches of What a Whirl here.
See larger swatches of What a Whirl 2 here.
See larger swatches of What's the Buzz here.

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  1. Well, for using butterflies for the inspiration of this line, there is not one butterfly shown on the quilt. Bah-humbug.