Friday, August 1, 2014

A Breath of Fresh Air

Jennifer Young's Ambrosia collection is a breath of fresh summer air! These gorgeous florals, complimented by paisleys, dots, and a unique plaid, come in a blue and seafoam colorway and a lime, rose and peach colorway. 
Which do you prefer?

What would you make with the Ambrosia prints? Here are two ideas:

"Ambrosia Star" from Tailormade by Design; 

a free pattern available on our website

"Garden View" by Wendy Sheppard; 
featured in The Quilter June-July 2014

See the Ambrosia collection here.
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  1. Rosemary B here:
    I can't make up my mind.... They are both great colorways.
    I love seafoam, but I also love blue and pink and peach....
    I would make Wendy's Garden View. I love that little quilt and I would make one a teensy bit smaller so it would fit on my mom and dad's front door. They are moving into a retirement condo (Erickson's Ashby Ponds) on Monday. They are both 91. I can't wait for them to finally move into a safe place. I love everything Wendy designs, and this fabric is calling me.

  2. Ok, blush, blush. As one who used to grow roses, I want them all. My favs are toss peach and lime rose. What would I make? A quilt for my bed with a soft, lofty batting and figure out how to get the smell of roses in the room too. Those look like they would smell wonderful. (The deer eat roses where I live now.)

  3. I think I like the lime, rose and peach colorway better. I love the Ambrosia Star quilt!

  4. I love those blues, and that Garden View quilt would look awesome in my bedroom if I had enough wall space to display it!

  5. Gorgeous fabric. Garden vuiew. Would look cery nic etat my płace Togo.