Monday, March 25, 2013

Spotlight on our Elite Eight

We've hope you've been enjoying our version of March Madness as much as we have! The decisions have been tough, and the voting has been close, but you've narrowed the field from our original 16 fabric lines down to eight. 

Let's take a closer look at the remaining eight contenders, in alphabetical order.

Classic Jacobean designs by Michele D'Amore in a gorgeous chocolate and pink color combination. Don't miss the pencil stripes, tattersall plaid, and the double and triple print fabrics, perfect for borders and more.

Rich, saturated colors in leaf and flower designs. Each fabric features a virtual rainbow of colors for a layered look, from coppers and golds to purples and greens. 

Romance is back with Eleanor Burns' collection, inspired by turn of the century English cottages. Delicate roses, wallpaper stripe, Victorian medallions and a patchwork print all come in three colors ways: mango, periwinkle, and classic pink.

Flowing vines and florals in a soft palette--you don't often see batiks done so well in pastels, perfect for the low-volume quilt craze going on right now! A few brighter colors complete the collection for added contrast.
These bold and modern prints bring the beach to mind! Choose from an orange and fuchsia colorway, or cool blue and green. You'll love the big florals, stylized medallions, modern paisleys, and coordinating mini prints. 

Nature at its finest in sketchbook form. These prints are reminiscent of pen-and-ink sketches and watercolor drawings, with some classic paisleys, florals and damasks mixed in, and don't forget the panel of ready-to-use floral blocks!

This eclectic collection has everything from jumbo florals to cool stripes and geometric prints. It's a mixture of contemporary and classic prints that works, plain and simple. 

Cool, colorful and contemporary. Leaves, sprays, florals, and oh-so-fun dotted circles set this collection apart. It's available in brights and black/white, as well as an oceanside spa-inspired palette of aquas, mocha, and green.

Remember, voting begins again on 3/26 on our Facebook page! Tell all your friends and be sure to cast your vote! 

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  1. I just knew I would be gone (mini vacation) during part of this madness :0 but I will get to join in on the fun tomorrow! :)