Friday, September 25, 2015

Bali Week! River Mist

It's Bali Week here at Sew in Love with Fabric!
That's right...we are sharing some of our favorite new batik lines...vibrant hues, soft pastels, graphic designs...all coming together to create gorgeous fabrics! Each of the lines we're showing this week has a free pattern designed exclusively for it, so you'll have plenty of quilt patterns to add to your to-do list. Get ready to be inspired!

Combine delicate, pale Bali prints with rich earth tones and what do you get? River Mist! This unique color combination will make striking quilts, and the lighter prints will work beautifully as backgrounds for your quilt designs as well. 

The River Mist Trellis pattern by Janet Page Kessler combines the deep earth tones with the lighter, playful pastel prints in a simple four-patch design.
Click here to download the free pattern.
Click here to see the entire River Mist collection and find the free quilt pattern.
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