Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March Madness: Final Four Game 2

Here's the second of our two Final Four games! In this round of voting, we're sharing a bit more information about the quilts. We hope you enjoy hearing what the designers have to say about their patterns and the fabrics they used! 

Find voting information at the bottom of the post.

Ambrosia Star
Ambrosia Star by Tailormade by Design, featuring Ambrosia

Melanie and Joanie talk about Ambrosia Star:

How did you come up with the quilt design?  
We use Electric Quilter which allows us to "play" with the different fabrics and blocks until we are dizzy. We like to use two or three blocks and see if we can get the illusion of other blocks or is just a twisted game we play together!

What do you like best about the design?
The white circles that happen around the stars and the soft trellis chain that happens on top of everything.

Why stars?
No reason...we weren't really thinking stars, they just happened.

You chose to use just a few prints and stay in a single colorway. Any reason why?
We wanted it fresh and simple looking.

Can you talk about how the quilt is constructed? It looks complex.
It really isn't!  The quilt is made up of two fairly simple blocks. One has a flying geese section which can be a little bit of a challenge if it is your first time working with triangles, but everything else is just sub-cutting strips for four-patches and framing.

What appealed to you about the Ambrosia fabric collection?
It's soft florals and airy feel.  

Glass House
Glass House by Stitched Together Studios featuring Palazzo
Stephanie and Linda talk about Glass House:

How did you come up with the quilt design?
This was a combined effort with both of us adding unique elements as the design evolved. We actually started with the border and worked out the center of the quilt last.

What do you like best about it?
The modern feel using some pretty traditional quilt blocks.

What prompted you to do such an "untraditional" design?
We both love mixing the traditional and modern aspects of quilt design - this fabric line just called for something a little "funky."

Why did you choose to use such a variety of block designs in the quilt?
The outer border was so strong visually that we felt that the center of the quilt needed to be just as strong. By using lots of different blocks and many of the fabrics in the line we kept the two components of this quilts balanced.

Talk about the inner/outer border.
The inner light border became really cool negative space reminiscent of a body of water around an island.  The outer choppy border was the first element that we designed in this quilt...we wanted it to look like pieces of the center that floated away.

What appealed to you about the Palazzo fabric collection?  
The colors! We love aqua and teal and the addition of the greens made these colors all blend perfectly!

Leave a comment below with your vote for this game (choose Ambrosia Star or Glass House). One comment per person, please. You can also vote a second time on our Facebook Group – Sew Interesting, and you can see all of the fabrics in each of the featured line on our Facebook page
Voting for this game is open through Friday, April 4 at 1 pm EST.

To see the full bracket of sixteen we started with and/or read the details of March Madness, click here.

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  1. Ambrosia Star!!!!!!!!

  2. Glass House--love the feeling of air, water and bubbles.

  3. I like both of these, but the colors and the bold visual statement of Glass House wins out for me.

  4. Glass House!! a little of everything

  5. Ambrosia Star takes my vote

  6. I like both quilts, but my favorite one is Glass House.

  7. Love the greens.blues/teals as they blend to make for a beautiful tropical isle with the white you can imagine the softer seas laping at the sand with the more rolling seas beyond

  8. the beautiful glass house quilt for me

  9. AMBROSIA STAR!! :-)

  10. Ambrosia Star!