Friday, January 11, 2013

Sun-Kissed: How it all comes together

Sun-Kissed, another new line by Michele D'Amore, merges sophistication and fun to be cool, colorful and contemporary. The line includes tropical-style leaves, modern medallions, cheery flowers, and of course, a great stripe and playful dot. The collection comes in brights and in a soothing spa-colored palette as well. See what Michele has to say about this line, available now in quilt shops, and about her design process, below.

What was the starting point for Sun-Kissed?
The tropical leaves are a favorite and were the starting point for the collection. The leaves are the center and focus of the group. Once I have that, I know how to go forward. Whatever evolves from that will coordinate with the main pattern.
Sun-Kissed in tropical brights
Sun-Kissed in oceanside spa

Can you talk a bit about how you work?
I generally start with designs on paper, working with pencil, colored pencils, and paint. Then the designs get scanned into the computer.
I find myself working from collection to collection, rather than working on one line start to finish. For me, it's a never-ending process. On a typical day, I would start out thinking that I'm going to complete one line. But as the day goes on, I may find myself starting another line. Something from Sun-Kissed, for example, may develop into a piece for the next line. The next line starts out where the last one left off. It's sort of like an unfinished symphony. I just keep going. 

One common theme in all of your collections seems to be a feel for what colors work so well together. How do you develop color palettes?
My color sense, if I had to pinpoint something, it would come from a home dec. 
I look for a color look that I would live with in my own house. Home dec has played an enormous role in the quilting world. I think people look to those color looks. Particularly with my fabrics, people say 'I can't wait to make something from this for my home.' Now I always try to keep that in mind, that they want it for their home, and color accordingly. 
When I design a line, I'm usually focused on one color look and the color and design sort of go hand in hand for me. But then I do like to produce things in other color looks to give people more of a selection. 

What would you make with these Sun-Kissed fabrics? The possibilities are endless, especially considering the two totally different color palettes, but here are a few great ideas to get you started.

First, our friends over at Children's Corner Patterns knew these bright, happy prints would be perfect for little girls' dresses. 

Here's their sweet and frilly Madeline pattern:
Isn't the dot just the perfect trim?

And Lillian, the sleeveless shift dress:
See the rickrack on the pockets?!

You can also visit our website for free quilt patterns designed specifically for this collection. 

Jump on the hexie bandwagon with Lexi's Hexies by Audrey Page.

Or embrace the soothing calm of Seawall, a super-quick pattern, also by Audrey Page.

Look for Sun-Kissed in either colorway at your local quilt shop!

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  1. I love the bright colors in the tropical collection and then almost the complete opposite but just as appealing oceanside collection.

  2. I like them both, they're so refreshing could see myself using either one.