Friday, January 18, 2013

Casablanca: Play it again, Sam!

It seems like everyone has heard of Casablanca. How much do you really know about this classic movie?

Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco, and it is the country's cosmopolitan, industrial and economic heart.

If you visit Casablanca, you can go to Rick's Cafe, which claims to have recreated the café of the same name from the movie.

The movie was released earlier than originally planned to take advantage of the publicity from the Allied Invasion of North Africa and the capture of Casablanca.

The film is based on an unpublished stage play called Everybody Comes to Rick's by Murray Burnett and Joan Allison.

European exiles and refugees comprised many of the extras and minor roles, which arguably added to the emotional impact of the film.

The entire movie was shot at the Warner Brothers studio in Burbank California, except for a few scenes shot at the Van Nuys Airport and some stock footage of Paris.

The song "As Time Goes By" by Herman Hupfeld was part of the original play.

Casablanca was nominated for eight Academy Awards in 1943, and won three: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Writing, Screenplay.

One of the lines most closely associated with the film—"Play it again, Sam"—is a misquotation. When Ilsa first enters the Café Americain, she spots Sam and asks him to "Play it once, Sam, for old times' sake." After he feigns ignorance, she responds, "Play it, Sam. Play 'As Time Goes By'." Later that night, alone with Sam, Rick says, "You played it for her, you can play it for me," and "If she can stand it, I can! Play it!"

Rick's toast to Ilsa, "Here's looking at you, kid", used several times, has been attributed to something Bogart said to Bergman as he taught her poker between takes. It was voted the 5th most memorable line in cinema in the American Film Institute's (AFI) 100 Years…100 Movie Quotes.

Six lines from Casablanca appeared in the AFI list, the most of any film (Gone with the Wind and The Wizard of Oz tied for second with three each). The other five are:
                "Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."—20th
                "Play it, Sam. Play 'As Time Goes By'."—28th
                "Round up the usual suspects."—32nd
                "We'll always have Paris."—43rd
                "Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine."—67th

What is your favorite line or scene from the movie?

Trivia courtesy of Wikipedia.
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