Monday, December 24, 2018

Jubilee by Amanda Murphy

We're excited to be sharing Amanda Murphy's Jubilee and Jubilee holiday collections with you this week! Bernina asked Amanda to design a collection that celebrates their 125 years in business, and the results are these gorgeously elegant prints. Start with metallic golds and creams, and then add in rich blacks and Bernina's signature color: red! 
Today Amanda shares the story behind the Jubilee collection. 

How did the Jubilee collection come to be?
Bernina gave me the paisley motif and asked me to design a fabric collection and a quilt to go with it to celebrate their 125th anniversary.They wanted me to take the feeling of the paisley and build a collection off of it.

Let’s talk about the color palette.
It originally started with gold and cream—those are the colors used in the Anniversary quilt I designed. I wanted to add some other colors to create different looks. First the gray, and then the red—Bernina red! Some of the prints in the collection have metallic accents, and others have a pearlescent finish.

What about the panels?
There are two different designs. The emboirdery panel has a big rectangle in the center which includes the motifs used in the Anniversary quilt. That way if someone wants to make the quilt without doing the embroidery, they can fussy cut the designs from the panel instead. 

The second panel is for ruler work and can be turned into smaller projects.

Tell us about some of the prints in the collection.
It starts with the paisleys. There are six colors: gold, gold/red, gold/black, black/white, and then black tonal and cream tonal. I like the gold paisley, but I’m really drawn toward the black and white too.

The Herringbone is a great print for binding. The paisleys have a more traditional feel, so I skewed the blenders to be more modern, like this one.

The Diamond print is a great blender. I like to be able to quilt crosshatching without marking, so I almost always have a print like this in my collections—I just follow the lines of the print as I quilt.

My favorite print is the Floral. It’s really heavily pearlized, and so different. It’s an unexpected print that is a blender but not, and adds modernism to the collection.

We'll be sharing more Jubilee inspiration (+ Amanda's new line, Jubilee Holiday!) this week, so stop back for more fun! for a Jubilee-themed Win-It Wednesday on our Facebook page.
Click here to see the entire Jubilee collection.
Click here to visit Amanda's website and get a sneak peek at her Jubilee quilts. 

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