Friday, March 16, 2018

Introducing our Sweet Sixteen!

We've tallied your votes--thank you to everyone who voted to help choose our Sweet Sixteen of free quilt patterns. 

Drumroll, please....

Our bracket consists of the top sixteen vote getters. 
What a good looking group! 

Check out all sixteen quilts below; you can use the links to download the free quilt patterns. 
Voting starts on Monday!
"Sleight of Hand" by Modern Quilt Studio featuring Dot Crazy

"Sunset Eclipse" by Heidi Pridemore featuring Patio Splash

"Rainbow Taffy" by Christa Watson featuring Modern Marks

"Cool Cats" by Ann Lauer featuring Cat-I-Tude

"Skating Rink" by Amanda Murphy featuring Winter Games

"Blue Shimmer" by Benartex Studio featuring Bali Blue Notes

"Wonderwall" by Benartex Studio featuring Wonderlust

"Hidden ShooFly" by Rose Ann Cook featuring Modern Antiques

"Tranquil" by Amy Friend featuring Improv

"Hidden Temple" by Benartex Studio featuring Bali Desert Valley

"Folktale" by Amanda Murphy featuring Folk Art Fantasy

"Color Sweep" by Tailormade by Design
featuring Color Flow by Caryl Breyer Fallert Gentry

"Meadow Paths" by Amanda Murphy featuring Meadow Dance

"Violette" by Shelley Cavanna featuring Gloaming

"Rose Colored Glasses" by Benartex Studio featuring Bali Roses & Lilacs

"Little Ray of Sunshine" by Benartex Studio featuring Sunburst

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  1. Thank you for providing links to these free patterns in an easy to find format!

  2. Some very cool patterns! Thanks!

  3. Very beautiful quilts!! Have a fun day!!

  4. One of my votes made it. Hooray, this was something different to do. Thanks for the free patterns too.

  5. Game 1 - Sunset Eclipse
    Game 2 - Cool Cats

  6. This is the only place I can see to put my vote for "Rainbow Taffy" today 3/30/2018

  7. This is the only place I can see to put my vote for "Rainbow Taffy" on 3/30/2018

  8. Rainbow Taffy