Friday, November 10, 2017

Homestead Interview with Eleanor Burns

This week we've been showing you the beautiful prints of Eleanor Burns' new collection, Homestead. We're finishing off the week with a conversation with Eleanor, talking about her fabrics. (Take a peek at the free quilt pattern at the end of this post as well!)

What inspired your new Homestead collection?
I have a very good friend named Sally Murray; she is an avid antique quilt collector. I have to say Sally is also a collector of every single line of fabric that I have designed; she has stockpiled yards and yards.  Honestly, if I can't remember the name of a line or print, I just call Sally.  Anyway, she has a beautiful quilt top from the 1880s with conversation prints and other beautiful fabrics.  I just fell in love with the conversation prints, and we decided that we haven’t seen a collection that featured conversation prints. It was at that moment I decided my next line would be a documentary collection.  We pulled other fabrics from the quilt top and used them as inspiration for this line.   

Can you tell us about the two different colorways, Colonial and Country? 
My sister Patty is an artist by education; she has been by my side through each collection that I have designed.  I told her I wanted to work with red and teal.  Patty thought about it and actually came up with the idea of making the line in two colorways.  In Homestead Country, we paired teal, turquoise, purple and green. In Homestead Colonial, we paired red, green, cream, and to give the collection a unique pop we included some orange.  I enjoy both lines very much. Both can be used separately or paired together, for a very scrappy look. I actually prefer them together.

Can you talk about a favorite print or two or three in the collection?
The conversation print of the Horse-drawn Carriage is my ultimate favorite. I just adore the little dog running around the carriage. Second, I love the Rosettes.  I have always been a fan of fussy cutting, and these prints are perfect!  My third favorite is the lace. I have not seen a print like this before, and I have been making quilts a very long time.

How does the fact that you’re a quilter influence the fabric design and color palette?
I am a very traditional quilter, and I enjoy bringing new life to antique patterns. I believe the fabric you choose should complement the pattern and give a nod to the time period.  As a quilter, I know that color combinations are one of the most important aspects of a quilt.  That said I think about the colors and scales in fabrics that I would use in backgrounds and borders.  They are just as important as the focus fabrics.  This collection has very traditional prints in very bold rich colors, the perfect combination for exciting quilts.

What do you like best about this collection?
I love the bold rich colors and variety of scale. There are actually 42 different prints between both colorways.  I love having a variety of fabric choices. 

What projects do you have planned to make with this fabric?
2018 marks the 40th Anniversary of my first book “Make a Quilt in a Day Log Cabin Pattern.” I will be updating this classic book, and Homestead will be significantly used in new samples.  The fabric will also appear in other books and patterns, throughout the year; including a very special commemorative book. 

Thank you, Eleanor!

On our website, you'll also find a free quilt design using the Homestead fabrics, "Home is Where the Heart Is." The quilt is shown in both colorways. The downloadable pdf of the pattern will be available soon. 

Click here to see the Homestead Country collection.
Click here to see the Homestead Wide collection. 
Click here to see the Homestead Colonial collection.

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