Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Liberty Hill by Cheryl Haynes

You saw a few sneak peeks in last week's Quilt Market booth tour of Cheryl Haynes' Liberty Hill collection; today we'll show you all of it! On the heels of Memorial Day and looking ahead to the 4th of July, these patriotic and Americana-style prints are perfect for a fun summer project! Keep reading; mixed in with the photos is an interview with Cheryl about these fabrics and quilts. 

How would you describe the style of the Liberty Hill collection?
I think of it as folk art Americana. One panel is folk art and one panel is Americana, a little more patriotic.

What are your favorite parts of the panels?
In the Freedom panel, I love the vase that says “Liberty” with the flag and the flowers.
Freedom panel:

In the Faith panel, well, I’m a flower person, so it’s probably a toss up between the apples and the basket of flowers.
Faith & Family panel:

Let’s talk about the color palette you used.
To me, navy, red, gold and green are folk art colors. Red and navy and even gold are great colors for patriotic quilts, but I love green as well. When I originally designed the fabric, I had the Liberty Hill quilt in mind, which uses a lot of greens.
I like to design the panels so we can cut them apart—keeping a 1” border around each piece.

A sampling of the 19 fabrics in the collection:

Tell us about some of your favorite prints in the collection.
The flags are great for American patriotism, and they’re a fun border fabric, particularly for Quilts of Valor projects. I designed the “Stars for Liberty” quilt with the flag prints in mind.

The stripe is really fun, especially for use in narrow borders.

I really like the new floral print in here as well. It’s subtle with a splash of color. I used it for star points in my “Stars for Liberty” free quilt pattern.

Can you tell us more about the Liberty Hill Quilt Collection?
The fabrics worked really well for these quilts, and I used almost the entire line in these quilts. They can stand alone--one is called Liberty Homestead (mostly blue), the second is Liberty Hill (mostly red) and the third is Liberty Garden (mostly green). You can also sew all three of them together to make one big quilt, measuring 44” x 56”, and directions to do so are on my website.

"Liberty Homestead"

"Liberty Hill"

"Liberty Garden"

Love these close-ups that show the details of Cheryl's quilts: 

Love Liberty Hill? Download these free quilt patterns from our website!

"Americana Folk" by Benartex Studio
Click here to download the free pattern.

Liberty Hill pillows and wall hangings designed by Cheryl Haynes
Click here to download the free quilt patterns.

"Stars for Liberty" designed by Cheryl Haynes
Click here to download the free quilt pattern.

Click here to see the entire Liberty Hill collection.
Click here to visit Cheryl's website and purchase the patterns for the Liberty Hill Quilt Collection.
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