Thursday, October 27, 2016

Find that Fabric!

We're headed to Houston for Fall Quilt Market, where we'll be sharing our newest fabric collections with quilt shop owners. While we're gone, we're holding the "Find that Fabric!" game here on the blog to introduce you to some of these new fabric lines. 

Each day, we'll post a fabric swatch from each of three different brand new fabric lines from Benartex, Kanvas, or Contempo. 

Your mission: Find the fabric on our website and identify the collection name, the actual fabric name, and the fabric SKU.
How to win: Don't leave the answers as a comment. Instead, email us at socialmedia23 (at) with the correct information the day's swatches and you'll be entered for a chance to win a FQ bundle of one of the fabric lines we'll be featuring. We'll be giving away one bundle each day. Each correct answer each day is an entry, so if you correctly identify all nine fabric lines we show, you'll have nine chances to win! One email per day per person, please.
Timing: We'll be showing three swatches a day for three days, beginning today. You'll have 24 hours to find the fabric and email us; then that day's contest ends and we move onto the next one.

Here's an example:

Find this fabric:

After browsing the website, we found this fun print in the Glass House collection by Rose Ann Cook. The specific fabric name is Glass Bubble Red, SKU #600-10

You'd send us an email with "Find that Fabric" in the subject line. In your email, you'd write:
Swatch #1: Glass House - Glass Bubble Red #600-10

Caution...browsing our website may introduce you to many new "must-have" fabrics!
Have fun!

Find that Fabric: Day 1

Remember, to enter: 
Find the fabric on our website and identify the collection name, the actual fabric name, and the fabric SKU. Email us at socialmedia23 (at) by 10 a.m. Friday, October 28 with the correct information for each swatch. The Day 1 contest is now closed. Find the Day 2 contest here

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  1. Thanks So much for playing this again. I love this game.