Monday, March 7, 2016


If kaleidoscopes, intricately detailed designs and vibrant color are your thing, you'll love Paula Nadelstern's newest collection, Chromazone. 

Paula says that this line, her 14th with Benartex, is all about color (even the name, "Chroma" means intensity of color). And she's right. Paula's gorgeous kaleidscope motifs always pop brilliantly on a rich black background, and the coordinates, shown below the four focal prints, are laced luxuriously with bold, eye-catching hues.  

We asked Paula what makes her collections so different, so unique. She says, "Keep in mind, I’m not only a fabric designer, I’m also an art quilter who uses fabric with luminosity and shading in her series of kaleidoscopic quilts, and I’m a teacher whose students’ success often relies on fabrics that mirror image. When I set out to design a new collection, I’m balancing these three aesthetics."

Chromazone has a more painterly look than some of Paula's previous collections. This is because many of the motifs don’t have outlines, which typically keep each color contained in its position rather than touching and creating another color.

One constant in her lines, which you see in the upper right corner of the swatches below, is the "deep and rich reads-like-a-solid" black tonal print. "Like coffee ice cream (my favorite food group), it can’t be too rich for me," she says. "Black lets all the other colors display their true sensation." The black in Chromazone is called Sun Stone Ink.   

Click here to see the entire Chromazone collection (we recommend you do...the small swatches we show here doesn't do the line justice!).
Click here to learn more about Paula and her work, and see her online gallery of quilts. 
Click here to read more about Paula and Chromazone on Bernina's We All Sew blog. 
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  1. "Chromazone" gets my motor running, especially the third one in the top row. I've loved Paula's work since she first came on the quilting scene. Gooood job.

  2. Ohh, on closer inspection, I do hope some shop around here close stocks these fabrics. I love, love, love them.