Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tempting you with Balis...

Most quilters would agree that Balis make the best eye candy. With that in mind, in the midst of this holiday season, we bring you some tasty indulgences for your sewing room, not your stomach! 

Below is a small sampling of our huge variety of new Balis. These rich, layered designs mix and match in so many ways for so many different looks--they're truly irresistible!
We bet you can't pick just one (or two, or twelve) that you'd love to add to your stash!

Bali Whispers
Click here to see the entire Bali Whispers collection.

Confections Balis
Click here to see the entire Confections Balis collection.

Dark Secrets Balis
Click here to see the entire Dark Secrets Balis collection.

Gradations Balis

Click here to see the entire Gradations Balis collection.

Parrot Cove Balis
Click here to see the entire Parrot Cove Balis collection.

Sedona Balis
Click here to see the entire Sedona Balis collection.

Tie-Dye Balis
Click here to see the entire Tie-Dye Balis collection.

Wild Garden Balis
Click here to see the entire Wild Garden Balis collection.

We'll be back later this week to inspire you further with some gorgeous quilt designs that are perfect for Balis!
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  1. You're right; I couldn't pick one or two ... I love them all! Fabulous collection.

  2. Beautiful colors and prints…all 'must haves'!!!

  3. Thank you for the gradation batiks - looking forward to using them! When are they available?

  4. These are beautiful. The Gradation collection is such an interesting treatment using batiks.

  5. I'll take one bolt of each. Thank you.

  6. I love how many different designs there are.

  7. Drool.... Those are all yummy! Thanks for sharing.

  8. All so beautiful, difficult to choose which would be favourites, I know they can all go on the wish list for must haves!

  9. oooh! Sedona Bali's are so earthy. THanks for sharing.