Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Benny is back!!

Whew! We are relieved to announce that Benny has returned!
(If you missed the story of Benny's kidnapping, read it here.) 

While waiting for the expected ransom note, Benny's coworkers had prepared a fabric payment--after all, who but a fabric lover would kidnap this sweet, cuddly pup? Here's Benny posing with the potential ransom; scroll down to find out how Benny returned (without having to pay a ransom!).

After five days of handing out "missing" signs and searching for Benny on social media, and even in the streets of New York, there had been no word from the kidnappers. The office was bereft. Then, Monday morning, Benny mysteriously reappeared in the Benartex office, wrapped in a plastic bag. 

The accompanying note claimed that he'd been discovered in a crate from Quilt Market that had been delayed in its return to the New York offices--that no kidnapping had ever occurred. 

However...based on rumors buried in the back pages of the supermarket tabloids (we told you Benny had become famous!) and some enlightening photos on social media sites that have since been taken down, we have a different theory on why it took Benny five extra days to get home:

He sure gets around!

If only dogs could talk...

Regardless of what really happened, we are grateful that Benny has been returned. He would have been worth every fat quarter we had collected for the ransom. Since we never had to pay it, we're sharing some of those fat quarters with one lucky person who participated in the "I found Benny" contest.

 The randomly drawn winner is:

Mary D. from St. Louis, MO

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  1. Oh, Benny! So glad you got home safe and sound. Hope you get special treatment for a few days from your grateful owners.

  2. Looks like he had quite the adventure

  3. Very cute. Glad he had fun, but is now back home, safe and sound, until next market.

  4. Bbbbenny on the Jet ... that was pretty entertaining!
    Jane @ Handiworking

  5. :) I'm so glad Benny is home, safe and sound. yuck to the plastic bag!

  6. Wow I am so glad that Benny made a stop in St. Louis. mary D

  7. Awaiting my quilty goodness surprise.

    Mary D