Friday, June 27, 2014

Greta Lynn's Forest Friends

Foxes, owls, and hedgehogs...Greta Lynn is here today talking about her favorite furry and feathered friends in three new fabric groups for Kanvas: Feeling FoxyHedgehog Heaven and Forest Friend-zy.

Feeling Foxy:
What made you choose foxes as a theme?  
I kept seeing the Fox as a very big motif trend in fashion and textiles. Just the way owls became very popular, I felt the fox would be the next hot trend and I wanted to create a group that featured this cute character.

What print did you start with?
The border print (called "The Fox says") was the first print that I worked on for this collection. It is my favorite print in the group, because it is very versatile. It can be cut apart or used as a whole, to create pillows, bags, kids clothing and fun quilt projects.

How did you choose a color scheme?
I felt the Fox group should have a  more sophisticated color scheme. Mixing the greys with the reds and oranges helped achieve the look I wanted. I also added the bright white into all of the prints to keep it fresh and modern.

Hedgehog Heaven:
Why hedgehogs? 
I kept seeing hedgehogs as a trend in home furnishings and other markets like wrapping paper, so I thought It would translate well on fabric.

What made you decide to pack them in tightly in the design?  

I wanted the hedgehogs to be lined up and packed, so that you can use it as a border or have the choice to use it as continuous yardage.

Can you talk about the color palette?  

I wanted to continue the colors from the Feeling Foxy color scheme (Greys, reds, & oranges), so that the home sewer can use the hedgehog pattern alone or pair it up with the Feeling Foxy collection.

Forest Friend-zy:
What print did you start with?   
There were two prints that I started with to create this collection, the blocks "Woodland Squares" and the allover animals " Forest Friendz."

Why did you choose to make a panel of blocks?
I wanted to create the block panel because I felt it would really lend itself to projects for kids. Using the blocks individually or using the whole panel would help provide a lot of options when doing a project.

Can you tell us about the colorways?
I decided to do two very different color ways. The first one I worked on was the primary / brights. I wanted the colors to really pop. The second was more of a neutral / woodsy color story—colors that were a little more subtle.

How did you decide what animals to feature?
I wanted to feature a lot of forest animals,  but I especially love owls. So, I decided to do an allover mini owl print. I also incorporated the owls into the geometric tree print (called "In the Tree Top"), which is one of my favorite patterns in the group.

Where did the name Forest Friend-zy come from?
When I was thinking of names for this group, I was trying to have a name that conveyed happiness, fun and forest animals- not such an easy task. I liked the idea of friends in the forest, so I played with that idea and dropped the S to a Z at the end of friends, and came up with Forest Friend-zy.
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  1. As I said yesterday, you make me wish for grandkids.

  2. So cute, love the owl with tree prints!

  3. Very cute! The tree top pattern would make a great backing for a quilt.

  4. I really love these prints. They seem very 50's to me.