Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Feeling frosty? Or just frozen?

It seems like many of us in the U.S. are experiencing winter in its most extreme state...can we say "Polar Vortex?!?!"

In keeping with that theme, it seemed appropriate to share our iciest collection, Frost from Kanvas.

Does it look like this out your window?

 Love the detail of these frosty nature scenes!

 Snowflakes and ice crystals enhanced with glitter!

If so, stay warm! 
If not, lucky you! 

We'd also like to recommend a few surefire ways to stay warm and comfortable:
The first, obviously is to sew! Preferably a binding, so the entire quilt sits on your lap, and preferably using flannel fabric. :) 
The second, try this Hot Chocolate Cake from Real Simple.

The third: Embrace the cold. Head to a theater to see Disney's latest movie, Frozen.

And while this may not help you stay warm, it is awfully neat. Check out this web page of six cool tricks you can try in the frigid temps. (And if you don't want to try them yourself, you can watch the videos instead!

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  1. Those fabrics sure do match the weather we are having! Stay warm

  2. Beautiful fabric although I think it would be wonderful to sew with it in June when we need the chill. :)

  3. Love those fabrics-unusual, at least to me, and unique which makes them special.