Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mix it up with Mixxoni

Kanvas designer Greta Lynn is here today, talking about one of her newest lines, Mixxoni

What inspired the Mixxoni collection?
I look through fashion magazines all the time, and I was drawn to the styles from the Missoni design house, especially their stripes and zig zags. That whole look was very hot and I thought it would be great for quilters, so I started looking for motifs that would work together.

How else did fashion play into your designs?
When I wanted to mix in some other elements from fashion, I immediately thought of color blocking. I've also been seeing these design elements in home décor. I wanted to mix all these patterns together.

Tell us about the name Mixxoni.
It's a play on words with Missoni.

The line has two colorways, right?
Yes. The original colorway was the berry with hot orange and fushcia, mixing it with a little bit of a neutral khaki. But I knew that while I'm partial to berry and wear a lot of it, not everyone would want that. Teal is a very big color, so I did a teal colorway, mixing in some olive as well.

Do you have a favorite print?
I happen to love the stripe because it does represent the look I was going after. I also like the mosaic—incorporating the stripe and the medallion—to me, it is such an interesting look to combine them.

What have you seen made with these fabrics already?
I saw some quilts made with it at Quilt Market. I loved how the color block pattern was used as a border.  [Note: Both of these quilt patterns below are available as free downloads on our website.]
Blue Mardi Gras by Stitched Together Studios

Mixx It Up! by Stitched Together Studios

See the entire Mixxoni collection here and on our Facebook page. 
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