Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Technique Tuesday: Fruit Salad

Despite the blog post's title, this week's Technique Tuesday is not going to teach you how to make an actual fruit salad.

Instead, Debby Kratovil is back, showing how to give Dresden Plates a summer spin! Enjoy her tutorial, let your mouth water at those tasty-looking fruit fabrics from Greta Lynn's Fruit Salad collection for Kanvas, and get sewing! Plus, Debby's hosting a giveaway on her blog. Head over to check it out!

Here's Debby:

Warning! Put your cup of coffee down before you scroll any further! Sometimes my ideas get a bit zany and I only blame it on the fabric, of course.

I received a lovely bundle of Fruit Salad fabrics from Kanvas and the watermelon images jumped out at me. What do you think?
Fruit Salad Collection by Greta Lynn for KANVAS and Benartex Fabrics
What? You don't see watermelon? You see strawberries and blueberries and cherries? Hold on. I'm getting to the watermelon, because I WANTED watermelon and I tried to make this a watermelon quilt. Strawberry watermelon, maybe?

I like playing with my Vortex ruler (actually an 18 degree Dresden Plate ruler). I thought of the green watermelon rind, the white inner rind and the red fruit part and grabbed 3 fabrics. Actually, four. Let me show you how I auditioned the fabrics to decide what size strips to cut.

First, the green, cherry print and strawberries on black:
Auditioning fabrics and getting an idea of the size strips to cut
Next, the green, cherry print and realistic watermelon color (minus the black seeds):
Auditioning the fabrics with my 12-1/2" ruler
The strawberries got a hold on me. I should have listened to the voices in my head!
Strips for strata
 I cut an 8-1/2" wide strip of the strawberry print, a 1-1/2" strip of the cherry print, and a 3-1/2" strip for the green rind. I actually needed 3 sets of these in order to get the needed 20 wedges. As you can see in the photo below, as you flip-flop the ruler, you are cutting a second set of wedges. You have to cut for two blocks to get one full block of 20 wedges.

Ruler flip-flops along the stitched wedge set of strips (with a height of 12-1/2")
This wedge is the same one we used for the Christmas in July tree skirt I featured here a few weeks ago. The template is still there. This link will take you to the Sew in Love with Fabric blog posting with the tutorial for the tree skirt: Christmas in July with Homespun Holiday

Now let's see my wedges:
Each strip set will yield 7 wedges (that's why we need 3 strip sets)
Now let's turn them into Dresden Plate units!
1. Fold wedge in half along the vertical. Sew 1/4" along the widest edge.
2. Clip the inner corner at the fold. This makes for a sharp point when turned.
3. Turn seam right side out and press little pocket so the seam runs along the center of the wedge.
4. No need to use needle-turn applique. Neat, huh?
Dresden Plate Sewing
Make 5 wedges for each quarter circle. Press these seams open (you'll see this later)
Five wedges make a quarter circle. Press seams open.
What's up with that triangle at the bottom? I don't want a center circle for my dresden plate. I cut a 4-1/2" square, placed it along the straight sides of the 5-wedge unit, marked the diagonal and sewed ON the line; trimmed 1/4" away. Discard cutaways. Press triangle out as seen in photo above.

Sew on diagonal line; trim away
What do two halves look like? For the whole block you will need two 4-1/2" squares of both green and red.
Two watermelon halves joined.
Make sure each of your four quarter circles are perpendicular on the straight sides. If not, you will have a little mountain in the center of the unit when all four come together. Trust me. I know this from experience, I'm just saying . . .

I cut a piece of the background fabric. I wish I had 30-1/2" of the watermelon print, but I only had 28", so I went with that. Pinned and pressed and pinned again. Selected matching green thread and a simple zigzag stitch and now it's time to trim away the background fabric.

Trim away the background fabric from behind the Dresden Plate block
OK. Last warning! Put down that coffee cup! Nothing liquid in your mouth! Here is my wild and crazy Watermelon Quilt with a 28" center block (the Dresdens are about 25" from tip to tip across the center). First from the back:
Notice all the pressed seams. Removing the background fabric reduces the bulk
And from the front:
Wild and Crazy Watermelon Delight Table Cloth
My husband has been asking me for a table cloth for our circular table on the deck. This will be it! Sure to shock our summertime guests! I will quilt it and show it soon finished.

Now for the giveaway. I have two bundles of LONG QUARTER cuts from this collection. Each contains 5 long quarters (9" x wof). I don't like fat quarters when I'm working with a quilt that needs borders and long strips.
Cherries and Berries, Purple Colorway

Berries and Watermelon, Red Colorway
Visit my blog and let me know if you've ever made a quilt and used it for a table cloth. And tell me which of the two bundles you like. I will select two winners. Deadline for comments is Friday August 21 at midnight. International winners will need to help with postage if you are chosen to win ($10, US). Or you can have any of my Craftsy patterns.

Thanks Debby!
Click here to see the entire Fruit Salad collection.

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  1. I love the Berries and Watermelon colorway, that orange just reaches out to grab me! I've never used a quilt for a tablecloth, but those prints would be great on the patio table...or on a picnic!

  2. There's a man in my life that LOVES pie. Either colorway would work, but I vote for the red. My mouth is watering. No, I haven't made a "table" quilt, but I know the table this would go on, and it isn't in my house. Thanks for the chance.

  3. Dresdens are my favorite quilt block, I've designed and made several but non quite as cute as this. Thanks for sharing and for the fun give away.

  4. It may be zany, but it is also fabulous! Very clever use of the fabrics.

  5. Love your quilt, it's just so much fun! Thanks for the chance on the giveaway. I love the red colorway.

  6. I love the blue color way. I've used several of my quilts as table cloths. Easy way to change up the decor!

  7. What a delicious tutorial! I have not made a quilted table cover, although the idea has been rambling in my mind. I love both colorways of reds and purples, but if I had to choose one, it would have to be the juicy purple cherries and berrys. Thank you for this opportunity.

  8. What a delicious tutorial! I have not made a quilted table cover, although the idea has been rambling in my mind. I love both colorways of reds and purples, but if I had to choose one, it would have to be the juicy purple cherries and berrys. Thank you for this opportunity.

  9. I like them both, but the red color way is my favorite. I have never used a quilt as a table topper, BUT I am a pretty new quilter and haven't made enough of them

  10. That is a fun table covering. I like the red best as well.

  11. i have never used a quilt to eat on.....but works for me! I love the cherries and berries colorway and would make a table topper for my glass table on the porch. We have blueberries in our cereal every morning and that would be neat with it! Thanks for the chance! Helen G. hrglover@hotmail.com

  12. I would hope to win the cherries and berries. We always have to topper on our table and his would sure be a fun one.

  13. I'm partial to the Cherries and Berries combo. What a fun tabletopper you made. The closest I've come to a quilt for a table are some table runners. Does that count?


  14. That is really awesome. No I have never made a table cloth. I've done table runners but guess I just don't want anything spilled on it!

  15. I made a small quilt which I gave to my daughter who used it as a table cloth.
    One of the first quilting projects I ever did years ago.
    Bev in Alberta

  16. My choice would be the Cherries and Berries. Yes I have used a quilt for a table cloth, they work fabulously. I really enjoyed your tutorial. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!

  17. My favorite is Cherries and Berries. I've made table runners but never a tablecloth.

    love your fruity watermelon quilt.

  18. I love the blueberries and yes I put quilts on my table all the time.

  19. I am in the process of making a Christmas topper for my niece. Very creative Debby! I think if I win the 'Berries & Cherries' they would be a beautiful topper also and my sister's favorite pie is blueberry- ummmm already have a destination I supposešŸ˜

  20. I have made two table clothes and in the processes of making another coincidentally out of fruits and veggies! Love your watermelon design and also the strawberries and oranges fabric.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Lets try this again! I LOVE IT!! I've not made a table cloth but have made a lot of table mats for gifts. Do you use batting and quilt it like a regular quilt?
    I like red color way. So many on her site it would be hard to choose.

  23. LOVE the table cloths! And yes, I use quilts for table cloths when I have parties according to the theme of the party! Gee, I like both colorways! I'm a watermelon fiend, so I think I will go with that one.

  24. Fun stuff! Julie is into wedges! I have a quilt half done from years ago...speaking of years ago, I remember Deb Kratovil from when I got my first desktop computer, and found tons of her stuff online. :-)

  25. It's so bright and happy!! Thank you for sharing!

  26. Nancy A: rangerer@sbcglobal.netAugust 19, 2015 at 8:26 PM

    Actually, I have a quilt start Ed just for that purpose, but it was set aside for some other projects. I think I need to pull it back out after Christ and get it finished.m

  27. I have made runners and mats but not a tablecloth. I really like your watermelon quilt but I love blueberries. They wouldn't work for a watermelon but I have other ideas if I get lucky!

  28. I have used a quilt as a tablecloth...family thought I had lost my mind! Love the red fabric collection!!!