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If you liked Ann Lauer's first collection, Poppy Panache, you're in for a treat. Because she's back with another line, Sundance! Sundance stands on its own--a beautiful collection of poppies, geraniums, and more--but if it has a familiar feel, that's because Ann designed the line to coordinate with Poppy Panche, both in color and style. We asked Ann to introduce us to the Sundance prints and share some designs featuring these spring-like watercolor florals.

Tell us about Sundance.
The prints and colors in the collection all work with Poppy Panache. I wanted to have a second collection that would continue the same theme as Poppy Panache but give fresh new images and colors as well. We've done poppies again, but larger, and also added geraniums. The geranium is with the poppy, but it's also a medium-scale design on its own.

The field of flowers print is also medium scale. It's a little different direction from Poppy Panache--a field of flowers rather than bouquets, so it can be cut anywhere rather than trying to center bouquets.

The colors are so summery, so pretty.
We're looking at pinks and light orange, a reddish-orange with the geranimums. We've also added yellow. The large poppy is on a real light yellow, which creates a kind of a spring coloring. The style is true watercolor. The designs are painted on fabric with watercolor to start. I like the watercolor look—it's my style.

Why geraniums?
They're small, and a different shape than poppies, and I really like the clump look. Color-wise, I like that it bridges a touch of yellow with the pinks. In the large print, quilters can fussy cut it into all different size of blocks without worrying about fussy cutting and waste to get bouquets. You can almost cut anwyere and get some poppy and some geranium. In smaller blocks, the print gives you a Georgia O'Keefe feeling—with the watercolor feel and detail in such a large image. Plus it makes gorgeous backings. 

Do you have a favorite print?
I really ike the diagonal stripe. I drew every single line of it on the computer and played with the scale. Because it's printed on the the diagonal, there are so many fun opportunities to use it—for borders, for blocks, for bindings—and still have the outside edges on the straight of grain.

I do love the marble look—a real pretty hand marbled tonal coordinate in seven colors. I didn't add a whole lot of new coordinates because all of the ones from Poppy Panache work here as well.

I'm also really happy with the large poppy and the field flowers. That large poppy print is showy as heck, and it works really well in some of our popular patterns that call for big prints. I've also used it in bargello quilts, and it adds a huge amount of movement.

Ready for some quilt inspiration for Sundance? 
These first two can be downloaded from our website.

"A Secret Garden" (quilt and runner) by Tailormade by Design

Star Dance by Ann Lauer

And here are a few of Ann's patterns, available through her website, Grizzly Gulch Gallery, featuring Sundance. Find the patterns for these quilts, as well as kits, here.

"Free Fall" by Ann Lauer

"Imagine This" by Ann Lauer

Morning Melody by Ann Lauer

Turn About by Ann Lauer

"Walkabout" by Ann Lauer

Click here to see the entire Sundance collection, and here to see Ann's previous collection, Poppy Panache.
Click here to find the free patterns made using Sundance.
Click here to learn more about Ann and find her patterns and kits featuring both Poppy Panache and Sundance.
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  1. What a beautiful line! To me, it almost has a romantic feeling to it. I have a question for you... Could you tell me the dimensions of the largest poppy in the collection? Thanks for sharing, and hope to see these up close sometime!

    1. The large poppies are 6" diameter. Glad you like it. Send photos when you use it.

  2. I absolutely love this line - wow!

  3. I have a friend that would love these fabrics. Love the bookbinder marble.

  4. Hi, I am looking for the pattern for the "Morning Melody" by Ann Lauer pictured above. My friend bought the kit for a king size and lost the pattern and asked me to make the quilt for her. LOL I am good, but NOT that good. I really need the pattern. Thanks in advance.

  5. The question above belongs to me.