Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Check out our booth: Benartex at Quilt Market!

We gave you a sneak peek at the new fabrics we were debuting at Spring Quilt Market in Pittsburgh last week, and now we're back with more--photos of the Benartex, Kanvas, and Contempo booths!
Come along on a tour--we hope it will make you feel like you were there! (And let you see more of the brand-new collections you'll find in your local quilt shops over the coming months!)

First up: the Benartex booth

Here's the left side of the booth, where you can see a sampling of quilts hung along the back (more on those later). The closest quilt on the far right (and the tote bag hanging in front of it) are both made from Ann Lauer's Poppy Panache collection.

Four quilts made from the pretty prints of Eleanor Burns' Zoey & Christine collections. It's fun to see how different fabrics can look in various designs!

Left to right: quilts made from Origins, Bali Gradations, and then more Zoey & Christine

A little something for every taste--left to right: quilts made from Breezy Blooms by Susan Rooney, Black & White Expressions, Tie Dye Balis, Caryl's Feather by Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry, and Origins. (To the far right, you can see Zoey & Christine again)

More of a straight-on view of the quilts made from Breezy Blooms by Susan Rooney, Black & White Expressions, Tie Dye Balis, Caryl's Feather by Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry, and Origins. Let's just call it what it is: Eye candy!

Close-ups! Fantastic texture from Black & White Expressions, a cool maze using Tie Dye Balis, and rich hues in fabrics from Caryl's Feather by Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry

Two Breezy Blooms quilts stand out from across the booth:

Another close-up, this time of a Breezy Blooms quilt--love these bright, cheery fabrics!

 Breezy Blooms in a couple sample children's clothing patterns--so cute!

Look at how the piecing pops off the black background in this quilt made from Jackie Robinson's new Glorious Hummingbird collection!

Two more Glorious Hummingbird quilts from Jackie, this time without the black background.

On the left is On the Green--you guessed it--golf themed! In the middle, the soothing, soft neutrals from Burlap and Lace. On the right, the rich and sophisticated colorway also from Burlap and Lace.  

Another look at Burlap and Lace on the left, and the all-natural Sunflower Journal on the right. 

 On the left, explosions of color made from a combination of Still Blooming and Bali Gradations, and on the right, the panel print from Orchid Shadows surrounded by piecing using Tie Dye Balis.

A second Sunflower Journal quilt in warm golds, plus another look at the Still Blooming/Gradation Balis quilt--such a pop of color!

Backing up a bit, here's a view of part of the right side of the booth. Off to the left are quilts and projects made from Nancy Halvorsen's More This 'n That collection.

A little more More This 'n That--the perfect coordinate line for everything!

And finally, a full view of the right side of the booth:

We'll be updating our website with these fabric collections as they become available in shops, as well as previewing many of them here on the blog, so watch for your favorites to appear!
And, please don't forget to stop back tomorrow for a tour of the Kanvas booth!

*Photos by Charlotte Sheridan and Benartex staff
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  1. Oh my! All those quilts together... heaven!

  2. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh, I want.

  3. Love the idea of using bed runners to show off the fabrics. You get to see the entire piece instead of all folded up which so often happens with lots of quilts in a booth.