Thursday, September 12, 2013

Finding Your Oasis

What would you consider your oasis, or refuge? Fabric designer Kitty Yoshida's "happy place" is strictly city based, shines through loud and clear in her newest fabric line, Urban Oasis.  

How did Kitty come up with Urban Oasis? Keep reading!

The name ''Urban Oasis'' sounds like such a juxtaposition.
It is, and it isn't. While the word ''oasis'' often brings to mind the proverbial water hole in the middle of a desert, the second meaning of the word is something that ''serves as a refuge, relief, or pleasant change." Growing up in New York City, many of my personal oases are city-based. And really, what art or fabric lover wouldn't consider beautiful designs to be an oasis?!

What do you feel gives these fabrics such an urban edge?
The colors, for one. Black, gray, cream, white—they're the colors you see walking through the city, and what you think of in terms of buildings, sidewalks, roads. Adding in the lime, deep purple and teal just makes the fabric pop. I also think the crosshatch texture evident in many of the prints creates an urban feel, as well as gives the fabric dimension.

Do you have a favorite print in the collection?
Do I have to pick just one? I love the florals, of course—florals and paisleys tend to be my signature look. But as something a bit different, I'm really drawn to the terrazzo prints, the spiro-dot prints, and the urban tapestry—which to me, looks like a city from above.



Urban tapestry

How do you make the curvier, more organic motifs work so well with the more geometric designs?
I think that probably contributes to the urban look as well—in a big city, you see so many geometric shapes that contrast with the mass of humanity that lives there. Think of Central Park in the middle of Manhattan. It's not what you'd expect, but it just works. I also think the contrast in the two styles of prints creates another point of contrast in a project, helping the fabrics to pop. 

See the entire collection here.
Inspired? Find free patterns for these two quilts featuring Urban Oasis here.
"Madison Square Park" designed by TailorMade by Design

"Silver Lining" designed by Wendy Sheppard

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  1. Nice fabrics. Sounds like a lot of thought was put into the design. Very pretty.