Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Out of This World

What do you think makes a great kids' fabric line?

Here's what we look for:
A bright, bold color palette.
A kid-friendly theme. 
Not too cutesy--could work for a 2-year-old or a 12-year-old.
A panel block option for quick, graphic quilts.
The basics: a great stripe and a colorful dot.

Introducing Rockets & Robots...a new collection that covers it all!

Looking for ideas for using this line? We've got a link to a Space Blocks Kids Quilt tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Company on our Facebook page.

and...check out the free quilt pattern, designed by Stitched Together Studios, on our website.

"Blast Off!"

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  1. Cute quilt and this is adorable fabric....good job!

  2. This fabric is great and I love the quilt. Thank you for sharing.

  3. The fabrics and the quilt are just beautifull.Great job!!