Sunday, December 16, 2012

Day 5: Mini Sachet & Pillow

We're back today with a fast and inexpensive stocking stuffer idea, plus a bonus project.

(See yesterday's correct answer and the bundle winner's name at the bottom of this post.)

Update a classic idea--the sachet--with a modern feel by using contemporary prints. Daisy prints from the Sun-kissed collection by Michele D'Amore makes this trio so cheery! Who wouldn't love to open up a dresser drawer or linen closet to see these?

The filling? Rice splashed with oh-so-soothing lavender essential oil.

Bonus idea: You can also join charm squares into a four-patch and stitch a larger aromatherapy pillow. Pom-pom trim is optional but highly recommended!

Click here for a pdf pattern for these ideas, plus more suggestions for scented fillers.


Win a fat quarter bundle!
Today's 12 Days of Christmas question:
Who is Mr. B?
(Hint: Find the answer on our website.)

To enter the giveaway, leave the correct answer in the comment section below this post. 

The winner will receive this fat quarter bundle of Nancy Halvorsen prints!

Details: This giveaway is open through Monday, December 17th at 11:59 EST. On Tuesday, we'll randomly draw a name from the commenters with the correct answer, and we'll post the winner's name here on the blog.

Good luck!

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Here is the answer to Day 3's question: 
How many prints are there in the Michele D'Amore's Urbanicity collection? 

The answer: 16

The winner: Hanke, who said: 

Congratulations! We've emailed you to get your mailing address. 

Two quick notes about the giveaways: 
First, when you comment, if your "name" comes up as Anonymous, please make sure you leave something that identifies you in your comment. It doesn't have to be your email address, as long as you come back to check if you won. But your name, or a nickname, or something. If an "Anonymous" wins, it's going to be hard to know who it is! Thanks.

Second, This is how we're choosing the winner. Each day, we make a numbered list of everyone who answered the question correctly. Then we use to select a number from the correct entries, and match that number up to the numbered list of names. 

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  1. Mr. B is Mr. Benardete for whom the company was named. BEN ar TEX.

  2. Sachets are such a cute idea. Thanks for the extra info about filling! Mr. B is Selim Benardete, founder and President Emeritus of Benartex

  3. OMG I love those fabrics in that cute little sleigh. They'd look great in my home to!

    There was a Mr. B in Leave it to Beaver, but I think you are referring to the Mr. B. that is Selim Benardete, found and President Emeritus of Benartex.

    Did I mention that I really love the colors in these fabrics. Drooling. I don't think Santa is bringing me any fabric for Christmas, so I'm crossing my fingers on this opportunity.


    ps - I do think your Sachets are very cute. And an excellent gift idea for Christmas too!

  4. Answer: Selim Benardete, founder and President Emeritus of Benartex

    shel704 at aol dot com

  5. I'm not sure where I left my comment, LOL.
    Mr B is Selim Benardete, President Emeritus and founder of Benartex. Your fabrics are beautiful. I'm particularly inspired by Nancy Halvorsen's designs. Thank you for the contest. Fingers crossed! Happy Holidays to all!!!!

  6. Mr B is Selim Benardete founder and President Emeritus of Benetex. :-)

  7. The answer is Selim Benardete - president emeritus and founder of your great fabric company.

  8. Thanks for your Christmas Giveaways: Selim Bernardette is "Mr. B"

  9. Mr.Selim Benardete is Mr. B. Thanks for the opportunity to win. : )

  10. We say "BEN ar tex", because it was named after Mr. Benardete (Mr. "B"), and we place the emphasis on the first syllable.

    Am I too late?

  11. Selim Benardete, founder and President Emeritus of Benartex.
    Love the fabric bundle and would love to win it, thanks for the great prizes.